Reaping Rewards of a Dog Digging Pit

a corgi has fun in his digging pit

Do you know the benefits of a dog digging pit? Are you frustrated with your dog digging a patchwork of holes throughout your yard? Maybe you even have holes in your garden beds?  My dog, Henry, loves to dig! But he has zones where it’s fine for him to be a gopher. I don’t mind … Read more

Amazing Paws: Dogs Support Cancer Warriors

a woman hugs her little white dog as she's learned that dogs support cancer warriors

How do dogs support cancer warriors? What the heck does that mean?  While I’ve never personally heard that diagnosis of “cancer”, I’ve witnessed it with friends and family. In my opinion, cancer patients are cancer warriors for battling the demon of cancer and all its side effects.  There’s no doubt that a diagnosis of cancer … Read more

Save by Easily Growing Veggies for Dogs!

a cute white dog looks on as her garden is growing veggies for dogs

Is there really anything such as easily growing veggies for dogs?  Do you have a green thumb? I admit, my thumb isn’t the greenest, but my dog, Henry, and I love certain veggies.  Surprisingly, despite your space, most people can grow veggies for dogs, even indoors. Yep, even me with my nearly black thumbs.  With … Read more

Chew, Pee, Love: Hidden Dog Expenses

a cute pup lurks out from the garden as her dog parents learn about hidden dog expenses

Are you overwhelmed with hidden dog expenses?  What do I mean? Have you ever come home to find your dog has chewed your favorite shoes into a million pieces?  Or perhaps your pup loves to redecorate your home with shredded pillows?  Maybe you’ve even walked in while your furry friend was gnawing a hole through … Read more

Got a Dog Journal Jar? Creative Journaling!

a cute dog with glass helps his dog owner with a creative dog journal idea

Do you journal? How about do you have a diary? I admit, I’ve never been able to commit to writing in a journal on a daily or even regular basis. However, I have found a simple way that still recognizes great moments throughout the year. It’s sort of a year in a jar. Intrigued, aren’t you? Plus, … Read more