Great Exercises With Dogs

Are you looking for fun ways to switch up your workout routine? Have you ever workout out with your dog? There are many fun great exercises with dogs. Working out with your dog is a super way to help curb boredom, stay motivated, boost your mood, lower your blood pressure, and strengthen your bond with your dog. Today let’s dig in and discover 10 great exercises with dogs. I’m totally in on this one. Sign me up, please! 😊🐶💖

*Updated: June 3, 2023

a dog mom enjoys fun summer exercises with dogs
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Budget Tip:

Working out with your dog can be a little bit of a challenge at first, but spending more time with your dog is always a good thing. The best part is most of these exercises add nothing to your budget, except some extra water. In my book these are all great budget-friendly dog tips!

As always before you or your dog start exercising from zero, make sure your doctor and vet have signed off on the idea. For example, your dog may have some health issue and your vet will be able to guide you how to ease into more intense exercise. My dog, Henry has a heart murmur. His vet always says to let Henry do what he wants and then let him rest when he needs a break.

Do you feel like your vet isn’t a good fit for you or your dog? In this article, I walk you through how to find a great vet.

1. Dog Tennis

doggie tennis

Do you like playing tennis? Many dogs love to fetch balls. Playing tennis with your dog is a great way to burn a few calories while keeping your dog entertained and eliminating his/her boredom. While this workout will mainly work on your swing or serve, these are essential for an amazing tennis game. 

The idea of playing tennis with your dog is if you’re on a tennis court, hit or serve one or several balls and let your dog retrieve them. However, if you’re in an open field, make sure that your dog will return on your command.

2. Dog Agility Training

agility workout for dogs

While the human doesn’t run through the course, you do run alongside your dog making split-second decisions. Agility training is a great cardio, muscular, and mental workout for you and your dog. 

There are classes you can take to see if your dog is a good fit for agility training. Basically, if your dog likes running and has a good temperament, he may be a good candidate for agility training. 

If you have space, you can even set up your own agility obstacle course. 

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3. Stair Running with Your Dog

workout with dogs

If you want a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that helps build speed and power, you may want to consider a dog workout running stairs. This is a workout for more high-energy dogs as it is can be high-intensity and tire out your dog easily. If you have stairs near you, this might be a great option. 

Don’t forget to always be mindful of the heat. When it begins to get warm, I put a cooling vest on my dog. He always seems very grateful to have it. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous of his cooling vest. Especially, when it gets really hot and I feel like I’m melting 24 hours a day. 

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4. Trail Hiking With Your Dog

hiking with dogs

There are 423 National Parks in America. Plus, there are 6,600 state parks in America. While not all are dog friendly, with a bit of research you can get off the road, see some amazing sites, and go for a memorable workout with your dog. This is one of my dog’s favorite activities and workouts. The truth is, it’s one of mine as well. 

Remember to pack water for you and your dog. It’s also a good idea to tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. I’ve gotten turned around in the backcountry more than once. Thankfully, I’ve always found my way out. 

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5. Dog Soccer

Do you like kicking a soccer ball or running after it? Your dog will for sure. Find an open area and have a great time kicking the ball around with your best furry friend. You may not want to use a new soccer ball as your dog will certainly leave some marks on it. I have found good used sports equipment at my local thrift store very cheap, which is great for this sort of activity. 

6. Standup Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

paddle boarding with dog

Do you live near a lake or body of water? Standup paddleboarding with your dog is a great activity to do with your dog. It helps build core strength, stamina and enhances joint flexibility. Your dog will also have to balance on the board, which will help with his core strength as well. 

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7. Keep Away With Your Dog

exercise with a dog

This is a fun activity to play with your dog. It’s basically a game of chase with a toy. You can run around your property or area in a weave or duck-and-go pattern. Your dog will chase you eagerly. You can even let him grab the toy and then you play tug-of-war and work on muscle strength. 

Does your dog simply not like toys? My dog, Henry doesn’t like toys, but he loves to play. In this article, I share how you can learn to play with your dog in the way he/she wants or needs.

8. Cycling With Your Dog

cycling with dogs

While you can go for a bike ride by yourself, it’s a lot more fun with your dog. Make sure he will come on command. You can plan the course to be flat or to have inclines and declines. Always keep in mind your dog’s abilities and remember any limitations he may have for this activity. My dog loves to run alongside me while I’m riding my bike.

However, as I mentioned earlier he also has a heart murmur. Therefore, when he starts to pant too much, I give him water and put him securely in a basket have on my bike for him. If your dog has any medical issues, check with your vet that he can do a dog workout with you.

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9. Dog Yoga

doggie yoga

If you love yoga, or if you’d like to try it, then a dog yoga workout might be for you. Did you know you can do yoga with your dog? It’s great for both you and your dog. You and your dog both benefit from doing dog yoga. You can check out how to do with this free dog yoga class on YouTube.

Do you know how to give your dog a massage? It’s simple and your dog will love it. In this article, I walk you through the process.

10. Pup Pilates

Pilates with dogs

Have you made the Pilates plunge? If you’re a diehard Pilates fan, then pup Pilates will be something you’ll want to try. This is a fun exercise with a dog, which also helps with bonding. Here’s a free YouTube demonstration on pup pilates. 

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Summary of great exercises with dogs

Exercises with dogs can be fun. And who likes the same old gym run? I know Henry is always up for some kind of new exercise or adventure. Honestly, his personal favorite so far is hiking. Although, he does love riding in his basket on the front of my bike. I guess that goes along with his “King Henry” persona.

a woman enjoys paddles with her husky for exercises with dogs

What other dog exercises have you tried? Which new exercise are you looking forward to trying with your dog?


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