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About Me –The person behind the words

My name is Terri. I created this website when I began realizing that many pets are surrendered for financial reasons. My co-creator with this website Henry, an adopted cockapoo, and I were heartbroken with this knowledge. 

Core value

Thus, the core goal of this site is to provide pet parents with realistic ways to reduce their dog financial struggles and stresses.


✅ To do this I look to my grandparents, who survived the Great Depression. They taught me anything is possible regardless of your circumstances. You just need to look for opportunities and plan. Truly great advice!

✅ Additionally, I love to reach back to my economics background and analyze what numbers really mean. Supply and demand can be a fun game if you know how to play it. I think it’s a game that can work to a dog parent’s benefit. 

✅ My mom used to always say I liked to color outside the lines. She was right. It’s in my DNA. Basically, I’m a bloodhound for added value to anything.


Looking forward, I plan to continue to bring new ideas and expand this website to reach more struggling dog parents. As I do this, I’ll certainly throw in a few cool dog tips here and there. Because, honestly, who doesn’t love a cool dog tip? 

I hope you find some useful budget-friendly dog tips and ideas here to improve your life with your dog.

Enjoy reading! 

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Disclaimer: Please note that this is a personal blog where I share my personal experience, tips, and tricks to help you with your dog. All opinions are mine. You should not take anything from this blog as professional advice. For more, please see my full disclaimer page.