Hack Lets You Easily Open Dog Poo Bags

*Updated: February 11, 2023

I have sworn for years being able to open dog poo bags ought to be an Olympic sport. They never open easily and your dog always wants to hurry along to the next sniffing spot. A rainstorm only adds to the torture. Why must they be so difficult to open anyhow? It’s not like it’s supposed to seal a secret just a smelly deposit. Since mother is the nature of invention, or shall I say dog mom in this case, I put my need to work and came up with an easy 3-step solution to open dog poop bags. I bet you already have the ingredients in your home. I know if you’re like me, you can’t wait and trust me, it really does work.  Oh, I know, it takes about 2 minutes to complete. This is a winner of a dog hack! 

dog mom walks confidently with her mom knowing how to easily open dog poo bags
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Budget Tip:

This is such a great DIY hack. It makes life easier and, at least for me, it was free. Hacks that are free and make life easier are priceless in my book. Henry is happy he can continue on he walks quicker too.

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Here’s are the supplies you’ll need for this doggie doo bag hack

  • Cupboard/drawer lining
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch (optional)
  • Doggie poo bag holder (optional if you have one, great, if not that’s okay too)
cupboard lining is great for a hack to open dog poo bags easily
Cupboard or drawer lining

Most of us have our cupboards lined with a plastic gripper. This stuff is amazing! I didn’t know how useful it is until I began looking for a way to solve the problem of opening my dog’s poop bags. 

You may even have extra cupboard lining stored away in your utility room or on the side of one of your cupboards or drawers. You won’t need much. 

This stuff is made to hold your plates and glassware in place, so it’s great for gripping things. 

Instructions for creating your own dog waste bag opener 

Step 1.

Cut a stripe of cupboard lining about 5”x 2” (It can be larger or smaller if you like. This is just the size I decided worked for me.)

measure your cupboard lining for your open dog poo bags hack
make sure the lining is a wide is you want for your hack to open dog poo bags

Step 2.

Punch or cut a hole in one of the short ends

don't forget a hole to hang your hack to open dog poo bags

Attach the cut lining to the loop of your doggie poo bag container through the punched hole. (This is just for ease of use and finding it, but it’s completely optional. You can put your doggie poo opener wherever you like.)

Step 3.


hang your hack to open dog poo bags from your poo bag holder

How to use your newly constructed doggie poo bag opener:

  1. Pull out a doggie doo bag
  2. Fold your lining around the opening end of the bag and rub a couple of times
  3. DONE! Your bag should have opened easily.
by rubbing the poop bag between the cupboard lining the bag opens easily for a way to open dog poo bags

TIP: Although I didn’t use it, the rubber jar opener seems to work just as well. It’s also made to grip things. So, if you have an extra one of those around or have received one as a promo from someone, you could use it for your doggie poo bag opener in place of cupboard lining. 

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UPDATE: This dog waste bag opener is also great for opening produce bags or any bag that tends to be difficult to open. I’ve made a second one for produce bags and other clingy things. I put my second one on my keychain. 

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Summary of an amazingly easy hack that lets you open dog poo bags effortlessly

If you have ever stood in the howling wind trying to open a doggie poo waste bag, I’m certain you’ve thought there must be a better way. Thankfully, there is and it’s easy, quick, and free. All you need is a bit of cupboard lining, a ruler,  scissors, and maybe a hole punch. I’m so glad that headache could be solved so easily. 

a woman walks her little dog confidently in the park knowing a great hack to open dog poo bags

Have you been struggling with opening your dog poo bags? Will you try this hack? 


16 thoughts on “Hack Lets You Easily Open Dog Poo Bags”

  1. WOW!!! THANKS!!!! Seriously why didn’t I think of this before??? Not only good for dog poo but also need a second one for those pesky produce plastic bags at the grocery store! Thanks!!!! Love your blog!

    • Awe, thank you! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying my little dog blog. 🐶💖😊

      Hey, you’re right a second one for produce bags would be handy. Great idea! I’ll have to make a second one for myself. I think I’ll attach that one to my keychain. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m sure Henry will approve of it and thanks you as well. He LOVES veggies! I think he might be part vegetable. 🤔😂🐶🥕💖

  2. This is a great hack, winters are brutal here at times, so the quicker we can get going again the better! (Of course, we stay home on the bitterly cold days.)

    • Necessity is the mother of invention. Those little poo bags were driving me nuts. I’m so happy you found it useful. I know it will solve your struggles as well with those darn bags. Please give Layla a pet for both Henry and me. 🐶💖😊

  3. Interesting & useful hack to quickly grip and open dog poop bags! I have the same annoying issue opening the produce bags at the food market, this would work for that as well.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • I’m so glad you found this dog doo bag hack useful. I’ve decided I’m making a second one for my keychain just for produce bags and other stubborn things to open. And yes, dogs do love us and I do love them too. 😊💖🐶💖


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