Quiz Fun: Companion Dog Master Benefits

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Mastering the health benefits of your companion dog is easy to recognize with this simple quiz. Are you aware of the health benefits your dog can provide you on a daily basis? In this fun quiz, you can see the ways in which your dog can help improve your everyday health.

Ready, Set, Go!

Companion Dog Benefits Quiz

1. Your boss just called you and said your presentation today appeared to be prepared by a kindergarten and you need to up your game or update your resume.

What do you do next?

A. Prepare your resume

B. Scream at your boss

C. Meditate with your dog

D. Run with your dog

Quiz benefits of companion dog


2. You find yourself worried about your child at school. Your anxiety is rising while your hair is falling out.

What do you do?

A. Homeschool your child

B. Dress your child in a decontamination suit

C. Mindfully pet with your dog

D. Paddle Board with your dog

Benefit companion dog

3. Your doctor says your borderline diabetic, you need to exercise more, and make better food choices.

What do you do?

A. Dive headfirst into the bag of potato chips labeled “less sodium” or “baked”

B. Grab a box of chocolate-covered almonds

C. Meditate with your dog

D. Hike with your dog

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4. Your partner asks why you haven’t worn the “tight jeans” in a while.

What do you do?

A. Confess that they are the “don’t fit jeans” now

B. Slug him for asking

C. Say “I’m saving them” and then go for a walk with your dog

D. Say nothing, grab your dog, and meditate

5. You’ve drawn the short straw and have been selected to fire 10 people by zoom.

What do you do?

A. Quit

B. Turn the camera off and pay your child $20 to do it instead of you

C. Meditate with your dog and keep your pup by your side during the zooms

D. Go for a run with your dog and pet your dog during the zooms

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What should you do?

A. Chase him down and chew his behind off too

B. Act like it never happened

C. Meditate with your dog

D. Go biking with your dog

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7. You lay in bed and stare at the walls. You worry about the big presentation, your parents, your partner, your child, and your health. The worries pile up and the hours slowly drift away.

What do you do?

A. Turn on your iPad and browse the net for something interesting to read

B. Get up and have another slice of cake

C. Meditate with dog

D. Make a note to run with your dog after work tomorrow

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8. You turn on the news only to become depressed by the sight of the daily events.

What do you?

A. Cry, skip dinner and go straight for dessert

B. Pour a glass of wine

C. Turn off the TV and mindfully pet your dog

D. Go for a walk with your dog

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9. As you look through old pictures, you’re suddenly reminded of the tragic loss of your favorite grandfather. You’re filled with sorrow.

What do you do?

A. Cry and clutching a photo of your grandfather

B. Pour a glass of bourbon straight up in his honor

C. Meditate with your dog

D. Run stairs with your dog

10. You’ve just been served with divorce papers. You married your high school sweetheart and thought you’d be married “until death do us part.” But someone younger has come along.

What do you do now?

A. Post a video on social media about your scumbag partner

B. Make a nice bonfire with his remaining items

C. Mindfully pet your dog

D. Go for a hike with your dog

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Results of Companion Dog Benefits Quiz

The more C and D answers, the closer you are to mastering your dog companion benefits.

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If you have several A or B answers, do not worry. We all have those days and moments. The point is to not stay stuck in them and that’s exactly how a dog can help you move out of stress and anxiety. Your dog can also help with improving your heart health and overall health.

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Budget Tip:

The benefits of a dog sometimes are priceless. That’s the point of this quiz. Sure there are expenses with being a dog parent. But in the end, nothing beats a life surrounded by animals, including dogs. 


Summary of Quiz: How to know if you’re mastering the benefits of your companion dog

The point of this quiz is simply to bring awareness of everyday ways you can involve your dog in improving your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. While these were extreme scenarios, and very narrowly focused, you can adapt them to your life. When you find your stress levels or anxiety elevating, take a deep breath and ask yourself if your dog can help you? Chances are your dog can, if you will allow it to happen.

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dog companion benefits

How did you do with this companion dog quiz?


16 thoughts on “Quiz Fun: Companion Dog Master Benefits”

  1. This was so fun! I got some good chuckles out of it, thanks. Most of my answers were C and D answers so I guess I’m on the right track. I’ve always been mindful that my dogs give me way more than I give them LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Awesome! Sounds like you’re doing a great job with your dogs! I’m so happy you got a chuckle out of this post too. That was also part of my goal with this quiz. Thanks!

  2. What a fun read! I for sure find myself turning to my dogs quite often when faced with a stressful situation. Going for a walk or run with them, or even just playing in the house or snuggling up on the couch always seems to have a positive influence on my state of mind.

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed this quiz. It sounds like you’re doing a terrific job with having your dogs help you stay balanced and healthy. Thanks!

    • I’m certain you and Layla are in a great place. I’m happy you enjoyed the quiz. Thanks so much for your feedback. I appreciate it!

  3. 1. Neither, wouldn’t happen to me LOL
    2. Neither, I normally worry about my dog (no kids here)
    3. I think I’m doing well in that department, including exercising with my dog
    4. He knows that mosquitoes bite through tight jeans when out with my dog
    5. D
    6. Wouldn’t happen
    7. A
    8. D
    9. D
    10. D

    • You’re funny. It seems you’re doing very well with staying balanced with your dogs. I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz. Thanks for sharing. You made me giggle.

  4. This was fun! I learned that I really do love spending time with my pups and being active with them – while not every problem can be solved by hiking or paddling with my pups, so many of them can. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than the other approaches to dealing with stressful or upsetting situations like that. Right?

    • I’m glad you enjoy the quiz. Yes, this was meant to show that there are alternatives to the typical approach to a problem. You are correct that it may not solve every issue to go for a hike with your pup. But having a clearer head in clearer space does allow you to see things more clearly and hopefully make a better decision. Thanks so much for your insights.

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