Shady Paws! How Dog Shade Saves Money!

Does your yard provide enough dog shade for your pup? Are you worried that installing more shade into your beautiful yard will be too costly? There are cost-effective ways to create shade without busting your budget. I’m always surprised at the shady spots in my yard that my dog, Henry finds. Most don’t cost me … Read more

How Does Dog Safe Mulch Save Money?

A cute puppy roams a garden with dog safe mulch.

What is dog safe mulch? And how on earth can it help my yard, dog, and wallet? While you may think that lawn mulch is simply lawn mulch, it’s not. In other words, not all mulch are created equal. There are ones you’ll want to avoid and ones you’ll want to use for your dog’s … Read more

Reaping Rewards of a Dog Digging Pit

a corgi has fun in his digging pit

Do you know the benefits of a dog digging pit? Are you frustrated with your dog digging a patchwork of holes throughout your yard? Maybe you even have holes in your garden beds?  My dog, Henry, loves to dig! But he has zones where it’s fine for him to be a gopher. I don’t mind … Read more

Save by Easily Growing Veggies for Dogs!

a cute white dog looks on as her garden is growing veggies for dogs

Is there really anything such as easily growing veggies for dogs?  Do you have a green thumb? I admit, my thumb isn’t the greenest, but my dog, Henry, and I love certain veggies.  Surprisingly, despite your space, most people can grow veggies for dogs, even indoors. Yep, even me with my nearly black thumbs.  With … Read more

10 Signs You Need A New Dog Park

a happy pup is excited to find a new dog park

Does your dog love your neighborhood park? I know, my dog, Henry loves the dog park. He loves the different sniffs, dogs, and people. But maybe you get an uncomfortable feeling at the dog park. I’ve definitely been in that spot. Wonder if it’s time to look for a new dog park. Perhaps it’s time … Read more

Easy Dog Fence Jumping Solutions

border collie jumping fence

Are you amazed at how your dog fence jumping fixes are mere road bumps to your pup? Perhaps a better use of words would be are you frustrated with your dog’s jumping abilities? Some dogs seem to be born with springs instead of legs. While most adoption organizations and breeders will require a 6-foot fence … Read more

Easy Dog Yard Digging Solutions

dog yard digging is one of this little dog's specialities

Do you have a dog you swear is part gopher? Maybe you have a beautiful yard, and your dog is determined to dig to the center of the earth. Perhaps you’ve even encouraged the digging at first and now you don’t know how to curtail the activity? Or maybe you think your dog enjoys digging … Read more

11 Steps To Prepare Your Dog For Spring

prepare your dog for spring is a very good thing thinks a cute dog

*Updated: March 17, 2023 Your dog is just as anxious for warmer weather as you are for it to arrive. It’s a time for more outdoor activities and explorations with our furry friends. Have you prepared your dog for the change to the spring season? As you tackle your spring cleaning tasks, there are a few … Read more

A Dog Friendly Backyard on a Budget

girl holds a yorki puppy in a dog friendly backyard

Are you dreaming of a champagne dog friendly backyard on a beer budget? Maybe your yard is covered with dog toys, holes your dog has dug, and generally not fit for the cover of any magazine. Thus, you just are dreaming of not being embarrassed by your yard. I know sometimes we let our dogs … Read more