Quiz Fun: Do You Know Your Dog’s Needs?

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Do you know your dog’s needs if you were deserted on a tropical island with your dog? What would your dog think or do? Sometimes it’s fun to explore the other side of the coin. Have you ever thought about how your dog feels about different things or situations? Do you think your dog is funny, serious, shy, smart, or a bit awkward? This is a fun quiz that lets you discover some possible ideas of how your dog’s personality and your dog’s needs mesh. Grab yourself a cup of tea, your dog, and enjoy this dog’s view of a quiz.

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Table of Contents

1. You and your dog land safely on a tropical deserted island. What do you think your dog’s thoughts be to do first? 

A. Finds a crab and begins barking at the strange-moving toy.
B. Locates a fallen palm limb, drags it to you, and wants to play fetch.
C. Begins sniffing and peeing on everything in sight.
D. Looks around, doesn’t recognize anything, and tries to jump into your arms. 

2. You find a coconut tree and notice some coconuts have fallen at the base. What do you think your dog does to express his/her needs?

A. Barks at the odd objects as if they will bark back.
B. Tries to pick up a coconut and wants to play fetch.
C. Sniffs all the fallen coconuts and attempts to pee on them all.
D. Doesn’t recognize these strange balls and hides behind you.

In this article, I talk about what to do if you have an aggressive dog.

3. You spot a tide pool with starfish and sea anemones. What does your dog do first?

A. Runs in splashing and barking without noticing the sea life.
B. Sees you leaning over looking at these weird squirmy things, tries to pick one to play with it.
C. Notices a sea anemone moving and decides that’s a good place to pee.
D. Seems fine until a starfish moves and startles your dog and almost knocks you over trying to escape.

4. There’s a nest of seaweed on the beach. You approach cautiously not knowing what’s in it. How does your pup express his/her dog needs?

A. Rushes the nest barking and pawing.
B Grabs one end of a long seaweed and begins running as if it’s a rope to play tug-of-war.
C. Sniffs the odd object, circles the mound, and pees on it with satisfaction.
D. Sits down about 20 yards away, whines, and refuses to approach the weird display.

5. There’s a loud noise that makes you jump. You realize it’s a tropical bird as it swoops in to inspect the new arrivals. What do you imagine your dog needs are in this situation? What does your dog do?

A. Begins jumping, barking, and trying to reach the fly by bird.
B. Runs along with the tropical welcoming committee wagging his/her tail with playful happiness.
C. Looks up at the dive-bombing bird, seems disgusted, walks over, and leaves a deposit on the beach.
D. Starts trembling in fear and tries to jump in your arms.

6. You see a high bluff you think you can scan the island better from and head toward it. How does your dog react to show you his/her needs?

A. Runs with you barking at every movement or sound.
B. Picks up a rather large stick and goes for a “fetching” walk.
C. Pees on every tree and rock along the way to the bluff
D. Walks in your shadow, still trembling a bit.

7. Arriving at the bluff you realize it’s actually an abandoned and rotting ship. You approach a bit anxious, yet hopeful. What does your pup do to show to express his/her dog thoughts?

A. Rushes the ship with a barrage of barks.
B. Finds a loose wooden plank, pulls it up, takes it to you, and wants to continue playing fetch with the new find.
C. Sniffs around the old ship and pees on everything he sees. Although, at this point, it’s air pee.
D. This seems to frighten your dog even more and your dog finds a rock to hide behind.


8. Entering the ship, you discover a cabinet of gems and tennis balls. You’re puzzled. How does your dog express his/her needs?

A. Runs down to the belly of the ship barking the whole way.
B. Becomes a squirrel and packs every tennis ball possible into his slobbery mouth.
C. Sniffs the cabinet and air pees on it.
D. Sees you go into the ship and begins to tremble more. But refuses to move from behind the rock.

9. Seeing that it’s starting to get dark, you head back to the beach. You hear something that sounds like a growl, which makes you run. What does your pup do to indicate his/her needs?

A. Leaps to attention barking and growling.
B. Twists his/her head unsure of what’s going on and then pushes a tennis ball your way wanting to play.
C. Torn between your calls for him/her to come and his/her desire to do something else, he/her opts to pee on a nearby rock.
D. This causes your dog to tremble so bad your he/she can’t move. You pick up your dog and continue back to the beach.

10. You make it back to the beach and find a rock to use as a pillow. You wake up to the overhead whooshing of a helicopter. How does your pup visually express his/her dog thoughts? 

A. Jumps up toward the helicopter barking.
B. Unsure again what this is about, your dog twists his head, grabs a tennis ball, and runs with you as you chase the helicopter down.
C. The sound is not pleasing and your dog pees on your rock pillow before you can get up.
D. The sound seems to disturb your dog and your dog attempts to hide under your rock pillow. You pick up your dog and chase down the helicopter.

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How to score quiz: learn more about your dog’s needs

While there is no right or wrong for this quiz it’s merely a fun activity it does give insights as to your dog’s thoughts and feelings might reside. Here’s a bit of an overview of the quiz. However, keep in mind that this is very simplistic and may not represent your dog. It’s meant to give you a bit of a glimpse of your dog from his/her eyes. 

A – If you got more As then your dog’s need is probably very protective and could lean a bit aggressive at times.

B – More B selections, probably indicate your dog’s need is all about play. All things in your dog’s world centers around play.

C – If you chose more Cs, then your dog need is probably to be the top dog and will mark his/her territory no matter where or when.

D – Getting more D answers, probably means your dog tends to be a bit anxious with possible separation anxiety issues.

What if my dog is a combination of these types of dogs?

That’s just perfect! It means your dog is a normal, typical dog. Not many dogs are going to always want to play or bark or be scared. Much like their human parents, they’re complex beings. How wonderful is that? My dog, Henry is a combo of mostly B and D. Whatever your dog is, that is perfect for your dog and you.

In this article, I talk about how I adopted Henry.

Budget Tip:

Time with our dogs is all too short. Yes, there are always must-dos that have to be crossed off the list. But remember to take time and enjoy your dog in the quiet moments. Those are the priceless moments.  Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing and may help to bring a bit of sanity back to your world. 

Summary of Quiz: learn more about your dog’s needs – your dog could take this quiz

This was a fun quiz to help you see life through your dog’s eyes a bit. While it is really goofy and over the top, it’s still fun and does give you insight into your general dog needs. With this information, you get to know your dog a bit more and can be respectful of his/her needs even more.

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What would your dog think of this quiz? How would he/she score you on your quiz-taking abilities?

12 thoughts on “Quiz Fun: Do You Know Your Dog’s Needs?”

  1. What a fun quiz! I especially loved the tropical theme, since our weather lately has been dreary and cold. A deserted island with just me and my dogs sounds amazing right about now, lol!

    • I’m glad you had fun with this dog needs quiz. I could use a bit of a tropical escape too. Hope this helped you forget your weather for a bit.

  2. This is such a fun quiz. I can see many a dog parent laughing themselves silly answering the questions. They certainly made me laugh (and wish I had a desert island of my own to play on!)

    • I’m glad you chuckled with this one. That was the point. Maybe learn a bit in a very fun way. I could use a tropical island to play on as well.

  3. I love this quiz. I believe I know my dog quite well. I also know she would hate a tropical island–she prefers cool. On the other hand, being there just the two of us could be quite awesome.

  4. This was a super fun idea! I love quizzes. Since I don’t currently have a dog, I imagined this with my childhood dog. She would have totally been a “B” dog. Annabelle was a very playful dog that loved to swim and play games. It was a lot of fun to remember her in such a youthful way.

    • I’m glad this was a fun quiz for you and brought back such great memories of your dog Annabelle. She sounds like a great dog! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fun quiz! If there was an option “tries to eat it”, then my dog would have picked that. Without that option, his answer is usually B.

    • That’s funny! I should’ve included that option. Next time, I’ll have to make sure there’s an “eat it” option. My dog is a big option “B” too. I’m sure my dog would love playing with your pup. I’m glad you enjoyed this quiz!


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