Pawsitively Perfect: Dog Lick Mat Benefits

a cute corgi knows the answer to "are licking mats good for dogs" as she licks after enjoying her licking treat

Do you know about dog lick mat benefits? I recently discovered how a licking mat for my dog, Henry, actually helps him. It’s a simple and relatively cheap item with a lot of health benefits. If you have an anxious dog, a barking pup, a furry friend who hates baths, or a fast-eating canine, then you may want to … Read more

Reaping Rewards of a Dog Digging Pit

a corgi has fun in his digging pit

Do you know the benefits of a dog digging pit? Are you frustrated with your dog digging a patchwork of holes throughout your yard? Maybe you even have holes in your garden beds?  My dog, Henry, loves to dig! But he has zones where it’s fine for him to be a gopher. I don’t mind … Read more

Got a Dog Journal Jar? Creative Journaling!

a cute dog with glass helps his dog owner with a creative dog journal idea

Do you journal? How about do you have a diary? I admit, I’ve never been able to commit to writing in a journal on a daily or even regular basis. However, I have found a simple way that still recognizes great moments throughout the year. It’s sort of a year in a jar. Intrigued, aren’t you? Plus, … Read more

Best Way To Give A Dog As A Gift

the best to give the dog as a gift has a happy outcome

I’ve been asked many times about the best way to give a dog as a gift. You might be surprised, but you don’t want to give a dog as a gift. Not the answer you wanted to hear? Well, wait just a minute. You can give a great gift with the idea of a dog … Read more

Easy Dog Fence Jumping Solutions

border collie jumping fence

Are you amazed at how your dog fence jumping fixes are mere road bumps to your pup? Perhaps a better use of words would be are you frustrated with your dog’s jumping abilities? Some dogs seem to be born with springs instead of legs. While most adoption organizations and breeders will require a 6-foot fence … Read more

Easy Dog Yard Digging Solutions

dog yard digging is one of this little dog's specialities

Do you have a dog you swear is part gopher? Maybe you have a beautiful yard, and your dog is determined to dig to the center of the earth. Perhaps you’ve even encouraged the digging at first and now you don’t know how to curtail the activity? Or maybe you think your dog enjoys digging … Read more

Tips To Bring Your Dog To Work Daily

bring your dog to work

Are you bemoaning having to leave your dog at home while you’re at the office all day? I understand. When I adopted my dog, Henry, I immediately started taking him to work with me. He loved it and so did everyone else. Well, I did as well. Today, let’s dig into how to bring your … Read more