Pawsitively Perfect: Dog Lick Mat Benefits

a cute corgi knows the answer to "are licking mats good for dogs" as she licks after enjoying her licking treat

Do you know about dog lick mat benefits? I recently discovered how a licking mat for my dog, Henry, actually helps him. It’s a simple and relatively cheap item with a lot of health benefits. If you have an anxious dog, a barking pup, a furry friend who hates baths, or a fast-eating canine, then you may want to … Read more

Quiz Fun: Companion Dog Master Benefits

companion dog quiz

Mastering the health benefits of your companion dog is easy to recognize with this simple quiz. Are you aware of the health benefits your dog can provide you on a daily basis? In this fun quiz, you can see the ways in which your dog can help improve your everyday health. Ready, Set, Go! Companion … Read more

4 Ways to Find Your New Dog

finding your future dog

Finding a dog can be a stressful undertaking. But it doesn’t need to be when you create your dog criteria. Let’s focus on simple ways to find your new dog. Honestly, where you look for your new dog will be a bit different, depending on whether you are looking for a dog from a breeder or a … Read more