Save Big When You Dry Your Dog! 

I know this seems a bit simplistic. How on earth can you save money when you dry your dog? But it’s true! I do it with my dog, Henry. Basically, properly drying your dog’s ears, privates, paws, and joints, can keep your pup healthy and reduce your vet bill. Not only that but you can also keep your pup smelling good. Did I pique your interest? Good! Today, we’re going to dig, dry off, and discover how you can save big when you dry your dog. 

A cute wet dog is covered in a towel drying after her dog parents learned about simple ways to dry your dog.
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Budget tip:

Some things you do for your dog are so simple. As a result, they may not cross your mind as being a budget-saver. But when you skip them, you can get hit with big bills. This is true when it comes to drying your wet dog. It can keep your pup healthy and your vet bills lower. It truly is a simple and easy win-win for your dog's health and your wallet!

When do I need to dry my dog?

Your pup may get wet many times and in ways. These include:

  • Rainy weather
  • Snowy days
  • Bath time
  • Swimming
  • Playing in the sprinklers

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Can I let my dog air dry?

That kind of depends. Most importantly you’ll always want to dry your dog’s ears to prevent infections. Additionally drying paws, legs, and privates is always a good idea. However, I would also recommend an overall towel dry so that the there aren’t skin problems. 

Can I use a hair dryer on my dog?

I’ve used a hair dryer on Henry to melt snow and dry him quickly after bath time. However, I never put it on high. Additionally, I never turn it on and start drying him. I always let Henry get used to the noise before I move the dryer over his fur. Even though Henry is used to grooming and dryers, this method seems like the kindest way to dry your pup. Moreover, I keep the hair dryer at least 12” or more from his body. In addition to this, I am constantly moving the dryer. This method keeps him comfortable, avoids burns, and speeds along the drying process

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Is there a quicker way to dry my wet dog?

There are a at least four ways that help in the drying process of your dog. These include:

1. A microfiber towel soaks up the water more easily, like this one

2. Microfiber towel robe, like this super cute shark dog robe.

3. Dog dryer, which can be pricey, but also may be a great investment, like this one.

How do I dry my dog after bath time?

Of course, your dog will be shaking to help disperse the water from his/her fur. That is always very helpful. In fact, I encourage Henry to shake as much as possible after his baths. 

After those initial shakes, I grab a clean dry towel (a microfiber towel is best) and start drying him very strategically. Here’s my process:

  • Head and ears
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Paw pads, including between toes
  • Privates

Although, if it’s a warm sunny day, I’ll take Henry to the porch and let him air dry a bit. 

However, if it’s a colder day or Henry starts shivering because he’s cold, I dry him with my hair dryer. Someday, I may get a dog blow dryer. But for now mine works and it’s definitely cheaper.

Honestly, the drying time for Henry is rather quick. While he has a thick coat, his fur is curly and seems to dry rather quickly. Of course, his ears take the longest to dry. 

Interestingly, Henry LOVES the warm air on his ears despite the fact they are healthy without any infections. Thus, I will spend more time drying his ears, which he enjoys and helps to get him completely dry and ready for his trim. 

TIP: Always brush your dog thoroughly before bath time to remove loose hair and dirt. Additionally, brushing your dog, like I do with Henry, helps to reduce mats.

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How do groomers dry dogs quickly?

Mostly groomers will use a microfiber drying towel and a dog dry. However, some groomers will use a dog drying bag. These bags can speed up the drying process. If you’ve ever sat under a dryer at the hair salon, then you’ll know what a dog drying bag does for your pup. 

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Henry a very wet dog swimming
Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Momentum

Can I use a hair dryer or dog hair dryer with a dog drying bag?

Yes! These bags are rated for normal household hair dryers. All you do is connect the flexible hose to your dryer and let the bag (with your dog inside) get warm. However, never leave your dog unattended while in a drying bag. 

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How can I save money by properly drying my dog?

This is always the fun part of an article for me. While you may not think that ordinary things such as drying your dog can save money, it can! As an illustration, consider the possible expenses below. 

Possible IssueCost
Skin infections$118
Paw infections$110+
Ear infections$850
Skin irritation$300 – 2,500
Professional removal of fur mats$15+

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Summary of: Save Big When You Dry Your Dog!

I love the idea of doing simple things for my dog and getting a big payoff. This includes reducing my vet bill. So, every time Henry is wet, whether from rain, snow, or a bath, and I’m drying him, I know that I’m keeping him healthy and my wallet happy. 

MGM Singin’ In The Rain. Who doesn’t love Gene Kelly’s song and dance?

Thus, remember to always properly dry your dog for great healthy pup cost savings. That’s a good one, isn’t it? It almost makes you want to recreate Gene Kelley’s famous “Singing In The Rain” song and dance” Or is that just me? 

A husky is swimming in a pool. His dog has learned how to properly dry your dog.

Did you know that simply drying your dog saves money? Will you dry your dog more carefully now?


10 thoughts on “Save Big When You Dry Your Dog! ”

  1. Great advice! Microfiber towels are so helpful in drying your dog off. I’m glad you mentioned the importance of drying dogs ears to help avoid ear infections! That’s so important. It’s hilarious that Henry likes the hair dryer on his ears! He’s such a cutie.

    • Yeah, microfiber towels are an amazing invention! Yes, you are correct. Ears are very important to dry, especially if they are floppy ears, like Henry’s. Thanks for sharing your insights, Cathy! Sending you, Jessie, and Icy hugs!

  2. Great advice and I wish I had known sooner. I used to dry Layla with a towel as much as possible and then leave the rest to dry naturally. She hated hair dryers and I once tried and she freaked out so never again. Henry is such a good example for your blogs as his likes are just perfect.

    • I’m certain, Layla was a good pup with nearly everything. She was so sweet and adorable! Hey, it never occurred to me how much properly drying your dog is important. Then I realized my hands were getting chapped for not drying them completely. So, then I started thinking about Henry and drying him more thoroughly so he doesn’t have issues. This was shortly after I adopted him. Heck, we do the best we can with the knowledge we have and then do better when we know better (paraphrase from the great Maya Angelou). I’m still working on upping my game for Henry as I learn even more. Thank you, Ruth for sharing! Henry and I are sending you hugs.

  3. My oldest dog was trained to shake on command after he was done with his bath to help limit the rest of the bathroom getting wet 🤣. I need to teach the rest of my pack to do it too. It’s crazy what not drying your pup can lead to!

    • Oh, I love the idea to actual teach your dog to shake off the water. Great idea! I always encourage Henry to shake. But I should really teach him that command. I know, it is nutty how much you can save by drying your dog. I do love an easy win! 😀 Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. What great info on a topic I don’t think many think about! You list great suggestions, and for my FiveSibes, our groomer came to the house and he used a Metro dryer on them and did them out on the back deck. Ohhhh, the Husky fur snow storms that used to happen! LOL Their blown-dry fur floated all over everyone’s backyards. Tee-hee. Good thing my neighbors all loved my dogs! Whenever they went out in the rain or snow, I used microfiber towels.

    Henry looks adorable in the pool!

    It’s so important to dry those areas you mentioned to avoid infections, skin issues, etc. And…as always, your signature budget savings is always a “wow!”

    Great tips! Sharing this over with my FiveSibes audience for sure!

    • Oh my! I can see all fur blowing around. The birds must’ve had the most comfy nests. I bet your five loved spa day. Henry doesn’t care for the bath part (well, he doesn’t like getting wet, unless it’s his idea). But he enjoys the drying and grooming part. Yeah, I love that photo of Henry too. It was actually funny because he was running around the pool side after a buddy to play with and suddenly he ran out of land and was swimming. He wasn’t phased at all.

      I’m so pleased you like the cost break out section. I love it too.

      Thanks for your continued support, Dorothy! I really appreciate it!

    • I couldn’t resist that video with Gene Kelly. It’s one of my old time faves as well. Don’t make them like that anymore. Oh, I was singing all day as well, when I imported that video. But there are worse things, right. LOL


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