Quick Help: Benefits of Online Vet Advice

A sick pup goes virtual to receive great online vet advice

Have you heard about the benefits of online vet advice? While it may not replace your regular vet, it can be very useful in many instances. Plus, it can be very budget-friendly. In short, a virtual vet visit, live chat, phone call, or email even can be a great choice in a pinch. It’s one … Read more

33 Signs Your Dog Needs a Vet

learn about the top 33 signs your dog needs a vet

Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered, “Are there signs your dog needs a vet? Should we go to the vet?” I admit, I’ve often pondered this with my dog, Henry. But as soon as I do he’ll generally do something like run around the property at full speed to let me know … Read more

Affordable Vet Care for Your Dog? Easy!

easy tips to discover low cost high quality vet care

Affordable vet care may seem like an oxymoron or someone has been sniffing too many dog treats. But let me tell you there are easy steps you can take that will take the most expensive part of dog care (vet care) and make it much more affordable.  While there can be unexpected costs, such as … Read more

Yes! Ideal Dog Weight Shape Saves Money

a beautiful German Shepherd appears to be the ideal dog weight shape

Do you worry that your dog is a bit on the pudgy side? But then think, maybe my pup is the ideal dog weight shape for him.  Or perhaps, you look at your dog and think, “Oh he’s so skinny!” and throw him another dog treat or extra food.  I admit, that I’ve wondered about … Read more

5 Free, Unusual, And Fun Dog Activities

a happy dog stretches after meditating and receiving a massage as two of of the unusual fun dog activities and he loves them

Do you like things out of the ordinary? Often they can add some spice to the ordinary day. Actually, I like to include, my dog, Henry in what I do, even if it’s a bit unusual. He always seems up for almost anything. Is your dog the same way? I think it’s the love of … Read more

Summertime Dog Activities On A Budget

Two cute dog showing what summertime dog activities are all about as they splash in the water for a ball.

Summer is often summarized by many as fun, hot, boring, and long. It really is here and gone in a blink of an eye. So, let’s focus on the positive part of summer with your dog. I know I love spending more time with my dog, Henry outside as the temperatures permit. Today, let’s dig … Read more

Are There Dog Travel Budget Tips? Yes!

a happy pup is excited about dog travel budget tips which is why he's able to enjoy this fun vacation and water tour

Awe, a vacation. Few things are better than a vacation. I don’t consider a vacation an actual vacation unless my dog Henry is at my side. Are you the same way? So, how can vacationing with your dog be relaxing and budget-friendly? Well, keep in mind everyone deserves a vacation, even if it’s a day … Read more