33 Signs Your Dog Needs a Vet

learn about the top 33 signs your dog needs a vet

Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered, “Are there signs your dog needs a vet? Should we go to the vet?” I admit, I’ve often pondered this with my dog, Henry. But as soon as I do he’ll generally do something like run around the property at full speed to let me know … Read more

Affordable Vet Care for Your Dog? Easy!

easy tips to discover low cost high quality vet care

Affordable vet care may seem like an oxymoron or someone has been sniffing too many dog treats. But let me tell you there are easy steps you can take that will take the most expensive part of dog care (vet care) and make it much more affordable.  While there can be unexpected costs, such as … Read more

Yes! Ideal Dog Weight Shape Saves Money

a beautiful German Shepherd appears to be the ideal dog weight shape

Do you worry that your dog is a bit on the pudgy side? But then think, maybe my pup is the ideal dog weight shape for him.  Or perhaps, you look at your dog and think, “Oh he’s so skinny!” and throw him another dog treat or extra food.  I admit, that I’ve wondered about … Read more

Summertime Dog Activities On A Budget

Two cute dog showing what summertime dog activities are all about as they splash in the water for a ball.

Summer is often summarized by many as fun, hot, boring, and long. It really is here and gone in a blink of an eye. So, let’s focus on the positive part of summer with your dog. I know I love spending more time with my dog, Henry outside as the temperatures permit. Today, let’s dig … Read more

Are There Dog Travel Budget Tips? Yes!

a happy pup is excited about dog travel budget tips which is why he's able to enjoy this fun vacation and water tour

Awe, a vacation. Few things are better than a vacation. I don’t consider a vacation an actual vacation unless my dog Henry is at my side. Are you the same way? So, how can vacationing with your dog be relaxing and budget-friendly? Well, keep in mind everyone deserves a vacation, even if it’s a day … Read more

Are There Really Safe Cheap Dog Meds?

a happy dog receives his pet medication

Ever wondered if there was a cheaper way to get your dog’s prescriptions filled? Sometimes pet medications can be as expensive as human prescribed RXs. If you’re like me you want to give your dog the best care, yet you don’t want to overpay. Sometimes a cheap deal is just that cheap and not safe. … Read more

25 Dog Affordable Date Ideas

a couple enjoys a affordable date ideas with their dogs

Dates can be pricey. Why not some affordable date ideas with your dog and partner? Are you scratching your head? Well, hold on just a second. Have you recently met someone special? Maybe you want to know if that person you met online is worth your time or if you should just swipe left. Or … Read more

Find Vet Approved Low Cost Dog Vaccines

a dog mom hugs her white fluffy dog after learning about low cost dog vaccines

Any trip to the vet with your dog can be expensive and that includes basic vaccines. One way you can save on your dog budget is by turning to vet approved low cost dog vaccines. This means the vaccines are safe, your dog is safe, yet the bill is more affordable. Yes, these options do … Read more

6 Cool Ways Dog Parents Pay For Vet Bills

happy woman hugs her dog after learning how to pay vet bills

It can be overwhelming when you are handed a bill at your vet’s office for several thousand dollars. Maybe you see an endless line of zeros on your bill at the emergency vet or perhaps it’s an estimate for future services. Whatever the circumstances, there’s most likely a weld in your throat and a knot … Read more

Tips To Book A Great Dog Friendly Hotel

cocker spaniel relaxing on a bed in a pet friendly hotel

Woohoo!!! Vacation time is exciting. Although, it can be stressful preparing for your vacation with your dog. If you’re traveling to different locations you might be thinking about a dog-friendly hotel. It can be a great option. But what do you look for in a great pet-friendly hotel? What do you avoid? What’s lurking that … Read more

6 Easy Dog Winter Activities

happy dog enjoy dog winter activities

Would you rather snuggle up inside in the winter than be outside having to exercise your dog stimulated? There are days I shudder at going out into the cold and wish my dog, Henry, and I could hibernate until Spring. Although that does sound like a great idea, it’s not practical. So, what are some … Read more

Calm A Dog With Severe Panic Attacks

calm stressed dog

  A constant struggle for a lot of dog parents is how to calm a dog with a panic attack. I’ve battled this issue almost since I adopted my dog, Henry. He generally is fairly calm, but there are times when he will go full-on into an anxiety attack. In this article, I’ll share what … Read more

Why Your Brain Needs Dog Self-Talk

dog self talk

Do you talk to yourself? Does it help you figure out problems? The truth is that most people talk to themselves. Shocked? Do you know that there’s a difference between talking to yourself and self-talk? This is when you go from simply having a conversation with yourself to actually working through complex issues. What if … Read more

What Does My Dog’s Bark Mean?

what does dog bark mean

Your dog’s bark has a very specific meaning. Your job is to understand it. Sounds like a translator is needed, right? Maybe not. Is your dog barking? Is this one of the rare quiet moments? Are you wondering what he’s trying to say with all the barking? Would you like to know what your dog’s … Read more

10 Steps to Find the Best Vet

Ways to find the best for your dog

How do you find the best vet? It can be overwhelming and confusing. A great veterinarian is critical in your dog’s (and all pets’) care. Every pet and pet owner deserves to have their own best vet. While there are a ton of veterinarians, there are also a ton of veterinarians’ philosophies (I’ll explain this … Read more