A Vet Second Opinion Benefits for Your Dog And Wallet

What are vet second opinion benefits? More precisely, how on earth does getting a different vet consultation save money? I know it seems like that’s an oxymoron statement, doesn’t it? But it really can happen. Think back over the times you’ve gotten a diagnosis or treatment plan from your vet and it didn’t work or didn’t feel right.

Maybe your dog or furry friend just didn’t respond to your vet’s advice. Yet, you thought, “It must be the right thing since that’s what my vet said.” Well, the truth is no one, not even vets, are infallible. We can all make mistakes. Even if the best of intentions are behind the diagnosis or treatment. For example, I’ve gotten a my dog, Henry a second opinion, when I didn’t feel the medical advice was good for him. Thus, with this in mind, let’s dig in today and discover how a vet second opinion can save money. 

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Budget tip:

Of course, veterinary services and more specifically an in-person visit can be pricey. But when you consider the alternative of not treating your dog properly or your pup being in pain with a current treatment, it’s an easy call. It can help your dog’s health and your wallet as well. In a nutshell, it can be a major win-win for you and your pup!

Why Should I Get a Vet Second Opinion for my dog?

There can be a multitude of reasons to seek a second opinion. Some of the top reasons are:

  • Confirm surgery is needed
  • Diagnosis of a disease or injury
  • Current treatment doesn’t appear to be helping your dog
  • Your instincts

For instance, Layla’s mom from Layla’s Woof trusted her instincts and got a second vet opinion. This was vital in getting Layla back on the road to good health. 

Never underestimate what your gut says. It can save your dog pain and extend his or her life. Additionally, getting your dog proper treatment saves unnecessary bills for treatment that isn’t working.

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How can a vet second opinion yield different treatments?

All people, including vets, approach any issue from their applied background. This includes their personal experience and education. Therefore seeking advice from a different veterinarian could be a good idea.

For example, if your regular veterinarian graduated from veterinary school 40 years ago, he or she may not be as updated on current treatments, or have that information as integrated in their approach. 

However, if your primary care veterinarian has only been practicing for 5 years, then a veterinary second opinion from another licensed veterinarian with a more extensive background may be beneficial. 

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How do I know a second vet opinion will help my dog?

The truth is you don’t know. There are no guarantees. But if your dog isn’t getting better and/or your gut is screaming that the current treatment option or diagnosis isn’t right, then you owe it to your dog and yourself to seek veterinary advice from a different vet. 

In a nutshell, a second opinion could confirm what your primary veterinarian says, or it could have you changing course. 

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How do I get a second opinion for my dog?

If you’re seeking a second opinion from a specialty vet, such as an ophthalmologist, you may need a referral. Otherwise, if you want a second opinion for what your vet has diagnosed or a treatment plan, you shouldn’t need a referral. However, you will want to take a copy of your dog’s medical records with you to the appointment. 

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For example, Henry was attacked by two large dogs, he got a referral to a veterinary specialist. Actually it was a pet ophthalmologist. This specialty vet suggested that Henry undergo more eye surgery and that it could be a repetitive surgery every few years. 

Naturally, this treatment plan had me very upset. Thus, I turned back to my regular vet with all of Henry’s records from the ophthalmologist. 

How Henry’s current vet saved him from multiple surgeries?

After Henry’s regular vet evaluated his eye and reviewed his medical record from the ophthalmologist, he decided that a cautious wait-and-see approach was better for Henry. Of course, this meant more work for me with multiple eye compresses daily. But, honestly, that was worth it since we could postpone or avoid future surgeries altogether. 

As such, Henry’s eye does flare up every so often. But I can control it within a few days. Moreover, I’ve even been able to help Henry with pain management during a flare-up with his daily eye preventive care. My gut felt better with this treatment plan and so far it’s working. 

Henry got a second vet opinion for his eye injury
Henry spent month’s in a cone after he nearly lost his eye and life. But with a second vet opinion he has avoided additional surgery.

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NOTE: You can check that your consultation with a second vet is with a licensed vet, by going to the American Veterinary Medical Association and searching by state. 

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How does a vet second opinion save me money?

I know paying for another vet visit can seem like the exact opposite of saving money. But it really can save you money. Consider the following cost savings for a moment. 

Unnecessary surgery$3,000-6,000+
Wrong treatment plan$115 – 3,000+
Put your mind at easePRICELESS!!!
Avoid early euthanizing of your beloved petBEYOND PRICELESS!!!

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Summary of How A Vet Second Opinion Benefits for Your Dog

While it may seem unfrugal to seek a vet second. But in reality it can actually reduce your overall costs. This is simply because you aren’t over-treating or under-treating your dog. For example, with Henry’s eye, without his second opinion, I could’ve been spending $3,500 every few years. It’s invaluable to trust your instincts and do what’s best for your dog’s care. I’m definitely glad I trusted my instincts and I’m certain Henry is as well.

A beautiful husky looks on as a prime example of why a vet second opinion benefits a dog's health and a pet parent's wallet

Have you ever gotten a vet second opinion for your furry friend? Will you do it now if you feel it’s necessary for your pup?


10 thoughts on “A Vet Second Opinion Benefits for Your Dog And Wallet”

  1. I totally agree with you, I’m all about second opinions. Vets are not perfect and if you aren’t comfortable with recommendations, your vet doesn’t take you seriously or his or her treatments aren’t working, absolutely get a second opinion. I also have experience with vets suggesting the most expensive tests for a diagnosis rather than starting with the basics and then doing more expensive testing if necessary. I felt so ripped off I eventually switched practices as I felt they were more about the money than my animals’ health.

    • Oh my, I’m so glad you got a new vet. That can be a difficult decision, but keeping your furry friends needs foremost often can make the decision an easy one. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, Hindy!

  2. One vet in the UK was a real money machine. We wasted a week getting little old boy ‘sorted’ but they lied. The moment we went to another vet trusted by a friend they told us little old Weasley was suffering and we should let him go, bless his sweet heart. Still hurts.

    Yesm if you are not happy. get a second opinion.

    • Oh my! It’s often a matter of trusting your instincts. I’m so sorry about Weasley. There is no excuse for the poor care he received. I appreciate you sharing his story. I’m sending you hugs!

  3. Fantastic post and thanks for sharing my link. It is so important to get a second opinion as it will rest your mind also as a pet parent and I am so happy I did it. Keeping our pets healthy and happy is the utmost importance in our lives as they are our kids and should have the best care possible.
    Big hugs to Henry and you are an amazing Dog Mom.

    • Honestly, it was an honor to share your link. I’m still so glad you trusted your instincts and got Layla the help she needed. Thank you for your kind words. I do try to be a good hu-mom to Henry, like we all strive to be the parents our fur kids deserve. Hugs to Layla and you!

  4. Johnny’s vet visit with my vet was his second opinion. His breeder had taken him in for some extensive diagnostics. I did save money because she based his price on that but my vet disagreed with her vet’s course of treatment (I appreciate his conservative approach for more than just $$ reasons.) So far a careful monitoring approach has worked and we’ve avoided a big surgery. If he needs it it will be less too because easier on an adult cat instead of a tiny kitten.

    • You know, Emilia, I love the conservative approach. I’ve said to my vet more times than I can count “What would you do if Henry was yours?” He almost always says let’s be conservative or let’s get a baseline and proceed from there. However, if I ever felt what he was saying was wrong for Henry I wouldn’t hesitate to get a second opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Hugs to your beautiful kitties!

  5. Such an important and excellent post! I was so fortunate that my vet team was top-notch! Even without any dogs at this time, I still go to them for advice! However, not everyone is so lucky and have such knowledgeable veterinarians and a second opinion is a must! Having a special needs dog – Gibson as you know had epilepsy, and as a result of the meds, weak hind legs – if my vet was not awesome, I would have definitely sought out a neurologist for a second opinion. I always tell anyone who is questioning their pet’s vet care to always get a second opinion. That advice is gold! And as you listed in your budget breakdown (that I love) – peace of mind is priceless!

    I’m so glad Henry is doing well and that you went with your gut and had another opinion. As you said, listening to our gut is also so important.

    Sharing this important reminder with my readers!

    • Thank you, Dorothy! A vet team sounds amazing! I’ve never had a vet team for any of my fur kids. But then again, you truly need a vet team for your gorgeous Gibson! You’re absolutely correct trusting your gut and getting a vet second opinion can be gold. Our fur kids need us to step up when they need us most and do what’s needed, which can mean a second opinion.

      I’m so glad you like the cost breakouts. I’m a huge numbers nerd and these sections of an article, really does bring everything in a post together.

      Oh my, I’m so glad Henry hasn’t had to undergo anymore eye surgery. The first surgery had me bouncing off the walls waiting to hear how he was doing. My finger, toes, and everything else is crossed that Henry will never need anymore surgery.

      Thank you for your kind words, sharing your experiences, and always being so supportive. I’m very grateful!


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