5 Ways DIY Reduce Dog Vet Costs

Are your vet bills making your jaw drop? I know it can be a pricey adventure to take your dog to the vet. But there are simple ways to reduce dog vet costs with DIY home dog care. 

While you always err on the side of caution with your dog and pets, there are times you can reasonably do things yourself. 

However, if you are ever in doubt about any care for your dog, always check with your vet. 

a dog mom hugs her cute pup after learning how to reduce her dog vet costs at home
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Budget tip:

Yes, dog ownership can be pricey. But when you do your own basic dog care, rather than asking your vet to do it, you can save a lot on your bill. Therefore, sometimes it’s very easy, such as removing a fur mat. The bottom line is any sort of DIY dog care you provide (within reason) will reduce your overall vet bill. That’s a major win-win for you, your dog, and your pet care costs.

What is DIY dog care?

It’s simply care you provide your dog yourself. However, you could ask your veterinary clinic to do these types of dog care. But when you do them yourself, you can dramatically decrease your vet bill.

Is there really DIY dog care can I provide my pup?

Of course, what you decide to tackle yourself will depend on you and your dog. However, some tasks you may want to consider are:

1. Trimming your dog’s nails

Your dog’s healthy paws are important. However, in most cases, you can save your vet clinic bill by doing it yourself.

I trim Henry’s nails at home with this easy-to-use nail grinder. 

2. Giving your dog medication 

Think your dog is too stubborn to give him/her medication at home? You may be surprised by what you can accomplish.

In this article, I walk you through how to get medicine down even the most stubborn dogs.

3. Removing fur mats

Not sure how to remove your dog’s mats or pine sap on your dog? It’s really not as difficult as you think.

In this article, I reveal the secrets I use for removing sap from Henry’s fur.

Removing sap and fur mats from Henry after a hike reduces my dog vet costs.
Henry on a hike looking for sap. 😀

4. Applying basic first care

A simple pet first aid kit will help you in an emergency. However, knowing how to respond is even better. Thus, you can acquire those skills with a pet first aid course

5. Removing a tick

Honestly, this may be a bit above most dog parent’s abilities. However, sometimes you have no choice but to act if you are hours away from a vet on a camping trip. While it can be a bit unnerving to remove a tick from your dog, it’s definitely in the doable category. 

Still overwhelmed by your vet bill? In this article, I share how a dog savings account can help with vet expenses.  

How do I learn about basic DIY dog medical care?

One of the best places to learn the basics for caring for your dog is with your vet and even the American Red Cross. 

For example, my vet facility is always willing to share their tricks and tips for easy dog care. In fact, I learned how to apply eye ointment to Henry without any issues thanks to their quick demonstration. 

Moreover, the American Red Cross offers a class on basic pet first aid for $25.

Want to know what free acts a vet says to do that will help extend your dog’s lifespan? In this article, I reveal what my vet shared.

Will pet insurance cover my vet care which I could provide?

Honestly, some pet insurance may. However, you’ll need to check with your insurance. Never assume anything at a vet visit. 

However, you should be able to use your Care Credit card to cover a veterinary bill with these types of medical care. 

But if you want to veterinary costs, home DIY may be a great solution.

How does dog DIY home dog care reduce my vet bills?

It can be easy during a vet visit to say, “Can you also trim his nails?” or “Would you remove the mat on his tail?” While your vet will certainly administer the treatment you request, it does increase your bill. With this in mind consider the following vet expenses:

Nail trimming $23
Medication giving$0-70 (cost in my area)
Removing mats$15
Basic first-aid care$50-250
Tick removal $200-300

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Summary of DIY reduce dog vet costs

In conclusion, even if you’re not comfortable with all home DIY dog care, there are still a few things you can probably do to help with your vet bill. This could be giving your stubborn dog medication or even removing a fur mat. I know after Henry’s dog attack and eye surgery, I was nervous about hurting him by putting medication in his eye. Honestly, it was easier on my state of mind to take him to the vet to make sure he received his eye ointment with the least amount of pain. 

However, now I can apply eye ointment more easily. Thus, you may need to balance what you can handle and not. Therefore, I encourage you to know that balance and know that it’s okay to ask for help. You can balance those expenses out elsewhere, like with homemade rather than store-bought dog treats. Overall, reducing your vet bills with DIY dog care can be very beneficial. I’ve definitely saved a lot with Henry by trimming his nails, removing his mats, and applying basic first aid when necessary.

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Did you realize that home DIY dog care could actually reduce your vet costs? Will you try any DIY home dog care now? 


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