Quick Help: Benefits of Online Vet Advice

Have you heard about the benefits of online vet advice? While it may not replace your regular vet, it can be very useful in many instances. Plus, it can be very budget-friendly. In short, a virtual vet visit, live chat, phone call, or email even can be a great choice in a pinch. It’s one of the modern conveniences, I won’t hesitate to use if needed for my dog, Henry. With this in mind, today, let’s dig in and discover all the benefits of online vet advice.

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Budget tip:

The great part of an online vet service is that you can often chat for free. However, if you need a virtual visit, even that can be very economical. At least compared to a regular vet visit. Plus, in most cases, you have access 24/7 to a vet. That kind of access can provide help when you need it most. Thus, online vet advice can be a great win-win for your dog and your wallet!

What is an online vet consultation all about?

There are different options for a virtual vet. Mainly it’s either through live chat, email, phone call or video. However, most of these virtual veterinary care services allow you to access a vet or vet tech 24/7. This can be a great relief when you can’t get to your vet.

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What are the benefits of online vet consultations?

There could be a few times you may want to consult an online vet. These include:

  • Away from your vet camping or doing something else
  • Pup has high anxiety with a simple vet office visit
  • A minor issue that is concerning you but doesn’t appear to be major
  • Simple second opinion on minor symptoms
  • Simple and convenient
  • Quick response
  • Generally, there’s a huge savings over your regular vet

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What symptoms or issues can an online consultation with a vet cover?

Naturally, a vet telemedicine can’t provide the hands-on care of your regular vet. But they can cover and provide advice on a multitude of issues, including:

  • Behavioral
  • Nutritional (pet or dog food review)
  • Basic pet healthcare
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea 
  • Itching
  • Eye problems
  • Ear concerns
  • Fleas, ticks, and other parasites
  • Toxicity or poisoning
  • Wellness care
  • First aid
  • Confirmation you need to see your vet immediately, later, or not at all

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Henry isn't anxious about receiving online vet advice

Can veterinary telemedicine prescribe medications?

This will depend on your location and the vet service you use. You may find a virtual veterinary consultation will only be able to prescribe in the states in which they practice. Additionally, those vets who can prescribe will only be able to do so with a virtual (video) visit. 

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Can I talk to a vet for free online?

Yes. But mostly free consultations will be through live chat or email.

How much does it cost to have a virtual (video) vet visit?

The price for virtual care will vary depending on the site and the vet or vet tech you select. However, some will be able to prescribe medications for your pets’ health with a virtual vet clinic visit. 

Where can I find a virtual vet for my pet?

Keep in mind that visiting an online veterinarian through live chat or email generally prohibits the prescription of any medications. Moreover, an online veterinary consultation doesn’t lend itself to a physical examination of your furry friend.

However, you can receive pet care through various vet telemedicine services such as live chat, email, phone calls, or even video visits. Additionally, this type of virtual consultation is with a veterinary professional (licensed veterinarian or vet tech). Here are some sites offering virtual veterinary advice: 

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Vet SiteTimesLive ChatEmailVideoSub.Cancel EasyPrescribe RXsSpecial
Chewy 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. ESTFree for customersN/A$19.99 for 20 minsNoN/ANoLicensed vets/vet techs
Ask VetBabble24/7FreeN/AN/ANoN/ANoQuestions listed in forum
PETConnect24/7FreeN/AN/AN/AN/ANoNutrition Advisors and licensed vet techs only
Just Answer Vet24/7$5 for 7 days chat consultationN/AN/AMust cancel within 7 days, or you’re charged each monthYesNoFast response
Pet Circle24/7FreeFreeN/AN/AN/ANoAustralian based
Vetster 24/7$55N/ADepends on the vet you select$357.88 yearly for 4 live videos and unlimited vet chats (often discounted to $137.88)UncertainNot in all statesMust download app.

In over 100 countries.
First Vet24/7 in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and FinlandN/AN/A$65 per consultation$90/month for six months or
$135 yearly for unlimited consultations
YesNoMust download app
Telepaws 24/7N/AN/A$70 for one-time consultation$35/month for up to six appointments for the yearMust cancel 5 days before billingNot in all states. Check your state here.Holistic approach to all issues. Only licensed vet (no vet techs)
Bondvet24/7N/AN/A$95 for 20 minsN/AN/AOnly in NY, NJ, D.C., VA (MA if seen a Bondvet in-person)Only licensed vets
WhiskerDocs24/7$39.99 per call or chat$4.99 per emailN/A$16.99 per month or $129.99 yearly for unlimited access – can’t have one sub. for all petsYesNoFree follow-ups.
Can take up to 4 hrs through email to get a reply.

Where else can I find a vet online?

There are a few other places that offer virtual vet care. But I’ve provided the veterinary care sites with the best reputations and options. However, you may want to look at two other places unique to your situation. These include:

1. Pet insurance

Many pet insurance policies provide free 24/7 vet consultations. Meanwhile, others will provide virtual (video) appointments for free or very economically.

2. Regular vet 

Some brick-and-mortar vets will allow you to email basic questions for free. Additionally, some vets offer virtual visits. However, the cost may be the same as a regular in-office visit. You’ll need to check with your vet to see if these services are offered and the price.

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What do I need to do to prepare for a virtual vet appointment?

Honestly, it doesn’t take much to prepare. If you have your dog’s medical records, then have those accessible. Also, if you’re participating in a live video be in a good light area so the vet can view your furry friend as well as possible. Of course, write down any questions or issues you want addressed.

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What are the downsides to a virtual vet visit?

Of course, a vet whether in chat, on the phone, in email, or even on video can’t physically evaluate your pup. So, there could be a possibility of overlooking something that your regular vet would catch. However, if you aren’t comfortable with your dog’s progress or the information provided with the online visit, then consult your regular vet as soon as possible.

What are the cost savings of an online vet consultation?

There are a few things to consider when taking into account the savings you might see with an online vet. Thus, for a moment, consider the following cost savings when using an online vet:

Item to considerPossible cost savings
No gas spent on travel$7.50+
Free chat (as opposed to regular vet visit)$50-250
Lower priced virtual vet visit$30 – 155
Not stressing your dog with an in-person vet visitPRICELESS!!!
Accessible nearly anywhere you have internetPRICELESS!!!
Quicker to get an online appointmentPRICELESS!!!
Your mind is at ease when you need itPRICELESS!!!

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Summary of Quick Help: Benefits of Online Vet Advice

Have you ever had a question about your dog late at night? Maybe it’s “Why does my dog sneeze at bedtime?” Or perhaps it’s something more serious like “Why is my dog suddenly vomiting?” I know I’ve wondered about Henry’s dog health at the weirdest times. But I know if there’s anything I need, I can chat with a vet for free or even spend a small amount and have a virtual vet visit. Just knowing this option is available without an expensive emergency vet visit or even a regular vet visit, puts my mind at ease. It’s a great option for my pocketbook and for Henry.

an adorable husky plays after he receiving great online vet advice

Did you know the benefits of online vet advice? Will you consider a virtual vet now?

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  1. I LOVE the phto of Henry! I am guessing he is having a personal consultation with the vet’s office. Brilliant!!!

    I had not thought if this but then, New Zealand is a small country and no-one should (I think) be too far from a vet but in the US and Europe where some people might be very isolated from help this could be an essential service and one that could save lives!

    • Awe, thank you! Yes, a virtual vet can be helpful if you’re isolated or away from your regular vet. One of the benefits of technology.

  2. Great advice. There are so many simple questions and concerns that could easily be handled through a televet call without the need to make the trip to your veterinarian. I find there is a lot more focus on the availability of telemedicine for our pets since we saw a sharp decline in the number of vets in our area.

    • I could see a question popping up when you’re camping with your pack. It’s one of those things that’s a great safety net and surprisingly is very affordable. I hadn’t thought about areas where there’s been a decline in vet care. But that’s a great thought as well. Thank you!

  3. Henry always looks so handsome in his photos, he is just adorable. Your post is interesting but I am scared of online vets that I do not know and am very blessed that I can email my vet with questions and she normally replies quickly plus I can call the clinic which is open 24/7 if I have an emergency question. It has made my life so much easier and stress free for Layla.

    • Awe, thank you! I can’t disagree on Henry. Oh you are so lucky to have access to your vet 24/7. That’s a rarity these days. And being able to call or email with questions is so awesome! Not everyone has such a great vet facility. Personally, I don’t see tele-vets as a replacement for your regular vet, but more of an addition, if needed. I totally get needing to have a good relationship with your vet and know them a bit. I’m the same with Henry. But there are times, such as the weekend, late at night, or when I’m out of town that something could pop up, that’s when I’d rely on a virtual vet. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Hugs to you and sweet Layla!

  4. This is great information! And, as you said, certain visits need to be done in person, however, I know of many folks who live in remote areas and have to make arrangements to get to a vet a major distance away (for non-emergencies) and this could be invaluable to them! It is also great that you list several sites to check out. I was very fortunate that my FiveSibes vet team gave me their personal numbers and Emails, so I was able to text, call, or Email any questions any time (and there was even a 2 AM call!) and they knew my dogs, so that was great and I so appreciated that extra care. Some folks may not have that as an option. Once again, the cost savings you outline is just amazing. Great post! Sharing!

    • You perfectly got the purpose of this article, Dorothy! It’s not to replace your vet, but to aid when you can’t get to your vet. You are so lucky to have had such wonderful vets to give you their personal numbers and emails. I know that 2am call was an awful one, but I’m so glad you were able to talk with your vet and help Gibson as much as possible. A great vet is definitely one of the foundations to a healthy pup. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I greatly appreciate it!


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