5 Free, Unusual, And Fun Dog Activities

Do you like things out of the ordinary? Often they can add some spice to the ordinary day. Actually, I like to include, my dog, Henry in what I do, even if it’s a bit unusual. He always seems up for almost anything. Is your dog the same way? I think it’s the love of hanging out together. Today, let’s dig in and explore some free, unusual, and fun dog activities. You and your dog will love these! And yes, these are all dog-approved and very dog-friendly activities.

a happy dog hugs her dog mom and loves the new fun dog activities she's learned
Budget tip:

It’s nice to know that there are fun dog activities you can do with your pup that are free. Plus, they’re fun! Additionally, if your dog is anything like Henry, they’ll be a big hit with your furry best friend. On top of all that, these activities have the potential to not only help your dog, but also you. That’s a great win-win for you, your dog, as well as your budget!

1. Meditation

Do you meditate? Yes, it’s fun to meditate with your dog or include your furry friend in the process. I know you’re asking how is it possible to get your dog to meditate, right? Actually, the idea is to include your dog in the environment or energy of meditation. Wondering how? It’s easy. You can do any of these techniques, which all work on different levels. 

  • Pet your pup while meditating
  • Touch (not pet) your dog during your meditation
  • Meditate in the same room as your dog

Easy, right? 

Moreover, it also has the potential to benefit your dog as well by:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Building trust
  • Improving overall health

Without a doubt, Henry loves to meditate with me daily. 

Want to learn more about meditation with your dog? In this article, I go into the benefits and more details. 

2. Massage

I know I’ve said this before, but Henry is a massage addict. There are worse things, I suppose. The great part is I get to make sure his body is free of lumps, bumps, and other abnormalities while helping him feel better. How do I help him feel better? It’s the same as a massage that helps you. Basically massaging your dog helps:

  • Reduce pain
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve healing
  • Aid in circulation
  • Strength bonds and trust

Of course, Henry probably would say it just feels good. Moreover, it’s a fun dog activity to do together and it’s free! 

Henry dog birthday idea #1 massage
Henry sound to sleep after receiving a massage.

Don’t think you would know how to massage your dog? It’s really very simple. In this article, I walk you through the process. 

3. Feng Shui

Have you ever explored Feng Shui? It’s an interesting ancient art and definitely a fun dog activity. But I bet you didn’t know you could apply the principles to your dog. Moreover, it may help your dog by bringing harmony and good health. Even if it doesn’t help, it certainly won’t hurt. However, you don’t need to spend money to do it. The idea is to pick the right colors, locations, and keep items clean and clutter-free. That’s not a bad idea for anyone. I know I’m always happier and calmer in a clean and clutter-free space. If your furry best friend follows your lead, like Henry does me, then Feng Shui, may help your dog. 

Want to learn more about doing Feng Shui for your dog? In this article, I go into details about how to do it. 

4. Dog Self-talk

Ever feel like you’re stuck? Or maybe you simply can’t figure out a problem that’s rumbling about in your mind. Have you thought about working it out by talking to your dog? Admittedly, it sounds a bit weird. But, science proves that self-talk does help improve brain power and solve problems. Additionally, when you include your dog in just about anything it seems to help.

Thus, it kind of goes to reason that self-talk with your dog will help. However, your dog loves it because you’re spending time with your pup. I know Henry loves it when I talk to him. He may not completely understand what I’m saying, but he snuggles up and enjoys the pets, attention, and love. Consequently, dogs love the bonding time and you get to work on your issues. It’s a great win-win and wonderful activity. 

Curious about how self-talk with your dog can help improve your thinking? In this article, you can learn more as I go into all the details of the concept.  

5. Crystals

This could come as a surprise, but some dogs are attracted to crystals and gems. And yes, it’s a fun dog activity. Although, I was shocked when I took Henry to my local gem shop and he picked out his first crystal. Then I discovered the meaning behind the gem. It was something we both needed.

Since then he’s returned and picked out many more. Each time the characteristics of the stones are always something he, I, or we need. In short, it’s a fun outing, the stones are very pretty, and cost next to nothing. In fact, I believe the most I’ve spent on a crystal for Henry is $1.50. The average price is $0.25. Yep, a quarter. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Moreover, you can amplify the benefits of the crystals by meditating with them and your dog. Honestly, all I’ve ever done is place the stone in my lap or near Henry and me during meditation. Another interesting point is Henry is always very focused on the crystal up to a point. Then he’s not interested at all. Consequently, that’s when we head back to the gem store for him to pick out a new stone. 

NOTE: Okay, so this isn’t exactly a free activity, but the price of the crystals (at least the ones Henry picks out) are really pennies. As I mentioned the average price have been about $0.25. As such, I just had to include it in this list. Besides, he really does love this activity!

Henry always enjoys unusual fun dog activities like picking out healing crystals
Henry with a few of the healing crystals he’s picked out.

Interested to learn how your dog can pick out crystals like Henry? In this article, I share exactly what Henry does and what I’ve learned. 

BONUS fun activity to help dogs…


Have you moved to a new home recently? Or maybe you just don’t feel as comfortable as you’d like in your home? Then you may want to try saging or smudging your home. This is an ancient process that helps to bring happiness or balance back into your life and home. However, you can do it safely for your dog and furry friends. One way is by using liquid sage.

Otherwise, you can relocate your pup to a different location while you perform the smudging. Personally, I make sure Henry is not around when I sage just to make sure he’s safe. Also, Henry doesn’t like fire, which is another reason I make sure not to burn sage around him. Additionally, I use liquid sage often and it does seem to help make my home feel better. Although, Henry would say it makes it a better dog-friendly place to live. 

Are you curious about the practice of smudging and how it can help reset your home for you and your dog? In this article, I provide all the details with alternatives to burning sage. 

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Summary of free, unusual, and fun dog activities

It is fun to spend time with our dogs. I know I love to spend time with Henry. However, sometimes it takes something more than the traditional dog activities to spice things up a bit. While Henry loves a good hike, he also loves meditation, a good massage, and picking out healing crystals. Thus, when you feel like you need to switch up your dog’s routine or activities, know you can do it for free (or just a few pennies if your dog picks out crystals). It’s fun for a  change. 

As William Cowper wrote in his famed poem Task in 1785, Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

In conclusion, I agree with Mr. Cowper. Sometimes you just need a bit of “unusual” to spice up your everyday life with your dog. 

a happy husky dog is thrilled with the new fun dog activities his dog mom has introduced to him

What unusual fun dog activities do you like to do with your pup? Have you tried any listed in this article?  

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6 thoughts on “5 Free, Unusual, And Fun Dog Activities”

  1. Fantastic ideas and it is amazing what we can do for free to keep our dogs happy and active, that is why I love dog parks as we kick back and relax enjoying the outdoors.

    • I’m glad you and Layla are enjoying free activities. It really is amazing what you can do with your dog and furry friends that are free and creative. Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it!

  2. These are so interesting, I like unusual fun things to do. I’m especially intrigued by the crystals! I can see doing that with Icy.

    • Oh, I bet Icy would LOVE picking out crystals! It truly is one of Henry’s favorite activities. I’m always intrigued to see which ones he’s drawn to and then when he loses interest. I’ll be curious to hear if you and Icy have a crystal adventure. Thank you for your continued support. I really appreciate it!

  3. I remember Andy Puddicombe (formerly of Headspace) saying yes its OK to meditate with your pet. He recommended them being, as yu say, quietly with you so you both can focus on the benefits. I strongly recommend it as a great way to bond. I love Calm (but that’s paid) I do know you can find heaps of free meditations on YouTube too.

    I need to try the crustals idea too that is a new concept for me.

    • Oh yes! Critters are great for adding to meditation practices. I think it’s great. Henry seems to enjoy it too. Crystals are fun to add to the process. I know Henry certainly does like them. I really like watching him pick them out. I think you’d enjoy it as well, Marjorie! Thank you for your continued support! I greatly appreciate it!


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