Pawsitively Perfect: Dog Lick Mat Benefits

Do you know about dog lick mat benefits? I recently discovered how a licking mat for my dog, Henry, actually helps him. It’s a simple and relatively cheap item with a lot of health benefits. If you have an anxious dog, a barking pup, a furry friend who hates baths, or a fast-eating canine, then you may want to invest in a lick mat.

Today, let’s dig in and discover the top 10 benefits, plus the cost benefits of a dog lick mat. 

a cute yorkie knows about dog lick mat benefits
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Budget tip:

While the cost of a lick mat is often under $10, the rewards are infinitely more. For example, when I purchased Henry’s mat it came with two dog lick mats, a spatula, and a cleaning brush all for about cost about $7. 

More importantly, this cheap product has helped Henry increase his mental stimulation, reduce his anxiety, and improve his dental and oral health to name but a few of the benefits. Thus, licking mats are a great investment and pay off in better health for your pup. That’s a huge win-win for you and your dog!

What is a dog lick mat?

Simply put, a lick pad is a rubbery mat with different rough surfaces that you can smother with various dog-friendly foods.

Additionally, these mats usually come with suction cups on the back, which makes them great for walls, or to keep them in one place for your pup’s enjoyment. Moreover, the suction cups solve the “lickimat wobble” issue.

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I learned about the benefits of dog licks mats. And Henry loves it!

What are the dog lick mat Benefits for my pup?

There are several dog lick mat benefits. These include, but are necessarily limited to:

As my vet told me a few months ago, metal stimulation is critical for a dog’s health. A lick mat is a simple way to increase brain stimulation.

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If your dog is having separation anxiety or some other anxiety-driven issue, try a lick mat. For example, Henry hates the wind. He will generally take refuge in his crate when it’s windy. But if I give him a lick mat, he settles down more easily and will actually nap in his crate even though it’s windy. That’s truly amazing!

For example, if your dog hates getting his nails trimmed or even a bath, then give your pup a licking mat. It can be a great distraction and allow you to care for your dog more easily. 

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If your dog tends to be a quick eater, then a lick mat will reduce this problem. Licking takes much longer to get all the food from the crevices. Thus, eating is easily slowed.

5. Aids in digestion

Do you know that slowing down your dog’s eating and encouraging him/her to lick it creates more saliva? It does. In turn increases salvia production, helps break down the food, and consequently boosts digestion. Cool, huh?

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6. Promotes better dental health and even overall oral health

Again, as noted above licking increases salvia production. This increased saliva production in turn aids with teeth enamel health and, in general, oral tissue health.

7. Engaging and fun activity

If your dog is anything like Henry, then fun is definitely part of their MO. Henry loves anything he deems is fun. However, if he’s having fun in an engaging activity, then his brain is more active. Thus, a lick mat is a great way enrichment activity for your dog.

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8. Crate training

As I mentioned earlier, Henry enjoys his lick mat when his anxiety is higher and he’s hunkered down in his crate. However, if you are just beginning crate training, it can give your dog reassurance that the crate is not a bad place and is even fun. 

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9. Reduces bad behavior

If your dog likes to bark at every noise, a lick mat might be the solution. At least for a bit. Adding a yummy and challenging treat is a great distraction.

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10. Decreases boredom

Some dogs are more prone to being bored. These are typically more high-energy dogs. Thus, giving your pup a licking mat or even a more challenging frozen lick mat can reduce boredom. 

Additionally, if your dog isn’t bored, then other behavior issues such as chewing, barking, and destroying things will be reduced.

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What should I put on my dog’s licking mat?

Honestly, you will know what your dog likes and doesn’t like. However, it should be a tasty treat for your pup. Additionally, it needs to be wet food or something that is spreadable. 

For instance, I tried peanut butter for Henry, which wasn’t a huge hit. However, Henry loves pumpkin on his mat. 

Here’s more ideas for your pup’s lick mat:

  • Applesauce (no sugar or spices)
  • Puree pumpkin or sweet potato (again no sugar or spices)
  • Peanut butter (no xylitol)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Mashed bananas
  • Scrambled or hard-boiled egg
  • Spinach puree (either homemade or baby food with no spices added)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Carrot puree (you can make this at home by cooking carrots and pureeing smooth)
  • Blueberry puree (again either homemade or baby food with no additives)
  • Oatmeal (cooked plain oatmeal, not instant or with additives)
  • Dog food – if you give your pup wet dog food, a lick mat can be a great way to serve it!
Dog lick mats are lip smacking yummy according to Henry!

How do I get my dog’s lick mat to last longer?

As I hinted at above, this is an easy fix. Simply put the mat with the yummy treat already spread on it into the freezer for 30 minutes or longer. This will challenge your dog more and give your pup a fun activity in hotter months.

Admittedly, Henry’s lick mat lasts several minutes. However, a frozen lick mat can last 20 minutes or so. 

Don’t forget you can get the lick mats that Henry loves by going here!

What are dog lick mat benefits regarding cost savings?

This is always the fun part. It helps to put everything into perspective. Now that we know the benefits of a lick mat, consider the following possible expenses:

Dental cleaning$250 – 900
Destruction of furniture or other items from anxiety$5 – 40,000
Lack of good digestion$2,500 – 5,000
Able to perform DIY dog care at home$23 – 300
Behavior animal specialist$1,500 – 3,000
Healthier dogBeyond $$$

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Summary of Pawsitively Perfect: Dog Lick Mat Benefits

You may have thought a lick mat for your dog was just a toy. But truly it provides health benefits for your pup. It can reduce anxiety, improve mental stimulation, help with stressful situations, slow eating, improve digestion, aid with dental health, help with training, reduce undesirable behaviors, and decrease boredom. 

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if Henry would like a lick mat. While I discovered he doesn’t like peanut butter on his lick mat, he loves pumpkin. Moreover, I learned it helps calm him when he’s stressed and it engages his mind. Those are all wonderful benefits for a very small investment. I’m thrilled with Henry’s lick mat and he is truly enjoying it as well. 

a beautiful husky knows about dog lick mat benefits

Have you ever tried a lick mat for your dog? Will you try one now?

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  1. I have seen these mats for dogs (and for cats too) in the pet shop. They look like a real investment of money and effort to keep your pup healthy for a modest outlay of dollars.

    I did not think about what you would put on one of the mats but the suggestions you give made me go ‘of course’ I can add so much mre than I realised. Thank you@

    • Thanks, Marjorie! Lick mats are even good for cats. You will probably want to put something more like tuna or salmon on the mat for a kitty. But then again, you will know what your fur kids like best, or they will tell you, like Henry did with me.

      I really appreciate your kind words and encouraging support. Thank you!

  2. I have been reading about them a lot and I was telling my sister in South Africa about them as she was trying to bathe her grandpup and he did not want the bath, she put a plastic lid with peanut butter on the wall of the bath tub and he was a happy camper, I think they are amazing and a great budgety idea for our pups

    • Honestly, I was surprised to learn about all the benefits of lick mats. I’m glad your sister was able to come up with a DIY lick mat for her pup. I wonder if Layla would like one as well. Although, she does love her snuffle ball.

      Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! I really appreciate it!

  3. Love lick mats! After four of my FiveSibes passed, Wolfie’s anxiety went through the roof. He was sad and confused at being the last of the pack. While he looked like a pup, he was 13, a senior dog, and I bought him a lick mat. He loved it! I used organic peanut butter (no salt or xylitol) and I even froze it at times. It really helped on days he seemed uber-anxious. It was a wonderful addition to his anti-anxiety supplements to keep his mind sharp and busy. I also froze PB in Kongs, something I did with all five Huskies (they didn’t have lick mats then)…they would have loved a mat! Great post – and always, I love the budget savings chart! Sharing with my followers! PS – hugs to Henry!

    • WOW!!! That’s a great testament from Wolfie for lick mats. I’m so glad that it helped him. I bet all the FiveSibes would’ve loved lick pads. Crazy how fast the pet industry changes.

      I will definitely give Henry a hug for you. I’m certain he’s send bunches to you as well.

      Thank your for your kind words and always being so supportive. I greatly appreciate it!


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