10 Easy Ways To Tell Your Dog Happy Valentines Day

Awe, Valentine’s Day. The day people either belittle or exalt. How about we stop looking at it from our standpoint and focus on our dogs? More specifically, how do you say Happy Valentines Day to your dog? Is there a way to do it express it in a way your dog will understand? Is your dog even capable of love? I say yes! Today let’s explore great ways to have a “dog Happy Valentines Day.”

*Updated: January 19, 2023

Yes, of course, your dog does love you. 

Now, it’s just a matter of showing or telling your dog you love him or her.

dog mom celebrates a dog happy valentines day
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Budget Tip:

This is an easy one. You don't need to spend any money on your dog to make Valentine's Day a fabulous one. The main thing is to make it a positive day and share it with your dog. What's better than that? Oh yes, there's no hit on your budget. It's perfect!

1. Be with your dog

This may sound overly simplified but just being with your dog allows him to know you care and love him. As I write this, my dog, Henry, is napping at my side. He knows I love him.

2. Cuddle time

dog is cuddled for a dog happy valentines day

This could be in the morning, evening, afternoon, or whenever you have time. I like to cuddle with Henry after I brush him in the morning. He will generally fall asleep looking at me. I know he loves me. 

In this article, I provide ideas of how to bond with your dog. 

3. “Good Boy” or “Good Girl”

Remember to tell your dog he’s a good boy or girl when something good is done. This doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Just a small accomplishment will do, like coming inside when asked. Or even finishing dinner will do. 

4. Body language is a cue

dog is loved for a dog happy valentines day

Looking at your dog’s body language and responding accordingly is huge. 

  • Is your dog’s tail wagging? 
  • Are your dog’s ears up? 
  • Or is he huddled with pinned ears and a tucked tail? 

You are your dog’s parent or pack leader. Make sure your pup is okay. Reassure your dog or seek medical attention if necessary. 

If your dog suffers from anxiety or separation anxiety, check out this article where I discuss what finally helped Henry. 

In this article, I detail how to find a great veterinarian for you and your dog. 

5. Stroll a new route on your walk

dog goes for a walk for a dog happy valentines day

Don’t rush your walk and allow your dog to enjoy all the sniffs he/she wants on the journey. This is like reading the newest book and having to mark the margins for what you like and don’t like. This is your dog’s time and so allow your pup to have it. 

Tired of struggling with those darn doggie poo bags? In this article, I reveal a simple hack that finally puts the issue to bed. 

6. Learn a new trick

dog learns a new trick for a dog happy valentines day

Most dogs love engaging in learning. When a dog is in training mode (even to learn a trick), the mind is stimulated and they are energized and engaged in the activity. This is a great opportunity to let your dog learn while bonding with your dog. 

Don’t be scared away by in-person dog training classes. There are many classes being offered online. Plus, YouTube has a whole list of dog tricks and dog training classes for free. 

7. Dog massage at home

dog enjoys a massage for a dog happy valentines day

I know that you’re thinking this is a bit luxurious. However, it does help your dog relax. It also helps with physical issues along with allowing you to bond with your dog. I encourage you to try it. Henry loves it!

This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to give a dog massage at home.

8. Chase that doggie

dog plays chase for a dog happy valentines day

This is about allowing your dog to play. Chase engages the physical part of your dog and allows your dog to be silly. However, be careful that your dog doesn’t get overzealous with chasing, especially if your dog is a big dog. Henry loves to be chased and plays a game of chase every evening. 

9. Dog mental stimulation  

dogs enjoy a sniffing gaming for a dog happy valentines day

Another way to show your dog you love him on Valentine’s Day is to stimulate his/her mind. This could be through a mind game or even through a sniffing game. Henry loves sniffing. 

Here’s how to set up a dog sniffing game. 

10. Visit doggie friends or go to doggie daycare

dogs play at doggie daycare for a dog happy valentines day

What better way to show your dog you love him or her than by spreading the love. Henry loves to visit his dog friends. However, he really loves going to doggie daycare. I always think in a dog’s mind doggie daycare is like Christmas morning and Santa not only delivered gifts, he’s waiting to see you open them. Yep, it’s a bit nuts! I’m always thrilled when Henry is willing to come home. I know he loves me too. 

Want to find a great doggie daycare? In this article, I walk you through the step-by-step process. 

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Summary of simple ways to tell your dog happy Valentine’s Day

Yep, that sometimes painful holiday, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. While some like to bemoan the holiday, I like to focus on the positives, which include my dog. I will make sure he has a fabulous Valentine’s Day. I may not do everything on this list, but I can guarantee he will feel the love I have for him. 

a cute cockapoo mix is ready to celebrate a dog happy valentines day

Will you do anything special for your dog on Valentine’s Day? What do you think your dog would like to do for you?  

16 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways To Tell Your Dog Happy Valentines Day”

  1. Valentine’s Day is fun. Like with the people I love, I try to do things like this to show my dogs I love them on a daily bases. We celebrate Valentine’s Day, but never really feel the need to do anything huge or elaborate. This year I’m planning on making my dogs some homemade treats, and we’ll probably go for a nice hike or just spend some time playing outside (weather depending).

    • That sounds like a perfect to spend Valentine’s Day with your dogs. I might do the exact same thing for Henry. Give your pups a pet for Henry and me. 😊💖🐶

    • I totally agree with you! Nothing beats a cuddle with your doggie. They are the best cuddles. I hope you have lots of doggie cuddles today and on Valentine’s Day. 🐶💖🐶

  2. This reminds me I need to get some Valentine’s gifts for my cats too! I can’t have the dogs getting all the treats and fun!

    This is a lovely list and I adore the photo at the top too!

    • I’m glad I reminded you of your cute cats as well. They definitely deserve some Valentine’s Day love as well. Give your cats some extra treats for Henry (he LOVES cats). I do too. 🐶💖🐱

      Gosh, I wish I could take credit for that photo. But I did pick it. Does that count? 🤔🤪🤣

  3. For my dog, every day is Valentine’s day. We don’t celebrate it, but I give her my all every day of the years. We do things together daily.

    I learned that she has the best time to join her in her favorite activities instead of imposing my ideas on her. So in the summer, we hunt frogs together, and in the winter, we hunt mice together. She loves that.

    • That sounds like you have a terrific way of showing your dog you love her. It’s really important to listen to your dog and know what she likes and doesn’t. You’re doing a great job! I wish more dog parents knew their dogs as well as you do. Give your pup a tummy rub for Henry and me. 🐶💖😊

  4. I love everything about this. My husband and I are both pretty anti-Valentine’s Day just because it has become such a commercialized thing. However, I could definitely get behind focusing on doing something for the pups to celebrate instead. Maybe I’ll find a new KONG stuffing recipe to try out for them that has a Valentine’s theme of some type lol

    • I totally agree with you and your husband. Valentine’s Day has gotten a bit commercialized. However, by focusing on our pets for Valentine’s Day we can take it back not dread it so much. I’m glad you liked this idea. Please give all your critters a pet for Henry and me. 🐶💖😊

  5. I feel like I show love to my dogs by taking them on adventures or putting together a fun new puzzle for them! I feel like both of these they get the most enjoyment from. I guess the only thing I don’t like about valentines day is that it’s just one day, and I like showing them I love them a lot more often than once a year. 😉

    • I agree with you. We should show our dogs love every day. Valentine’s Day gives us a reminder to do it in case there has been any lapse. I do like refocusing Valentine’s Day on our dogs. I’m glad you liked this article. Give your pups a pet for Henry and me. 🐶💖😊


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