Are There Dog Travel Budget Tips? Yes!

Awe, a vacation. Few things are better than a vacation. I don’t consider a vacation an actual vacation unless my dog Henry is at my side. Are you the same way? So, how can vacationing with your dog be relaxing and budget-friendly? Well, keep in mind everyone deserves a vacation, even if it’s a day getaway. And it’s all entirely possible. With this in mind, today is a complete guide to dog travel budget tips. How awesome is that? Yes, sign me up!

a happy husky puppy has learned about dog travel budget tips
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Budget tip:
Vacationing with your dog can be fun. But it doesn’t have to be super pricey. I always do my research and stick to my budget. Vacations aren’t about the “stuff” they’re about the memories. So, I will generally take a lot of photos and not fall for the tourist souvenirs. Also, I will remember and appreciate the photos a lot longer too, even if the photos aren’t that great. They allow me to remember those precious moments. Additionally, I ask for discounts. Yep! Discounts! It’s shocking the places that offer discounts if you just ask. That’s a budget winner in my book! Which reminds me, I need to research my next vacation for Henry and me.

Easy dog friendly vacation guide tips

First in your goal to go on vacation with your dog is preparation. In this article, you find a guide to pet-friendly lodging, transportation, and activities, and how to save on it all. Read it here.

Do you struggle to open your dog’s poop bags? I did until I created this quick, easy, and free hack. In this article, I walk you through how to do it for yourself.

Tips To Book A Great Dog Friendly Hotel

Next, is a great article about the world of pet-friendly hotels. You’ll learn what to expect from a dog-friendly hotel. How to make sure your arrival and stay goes smoothly. What the rules and policies are for a pet-friendly hotel? And I bet you don’t know what it will mean if someone says your dog is a “VIP”. Plus, you’ll discover how to find pets stay-free hotels and how to get discounts. Read it here.

Is your dog great at getting sap in his or her fur? Here are my best tips for getting sap out and they do work because they are Henry tested.

20 Steps For Dog Overnight Visits

Maybe you’d rather visit a friend or family member out of town with your dog. Do you know the tricks for taking your dog and then getting a repeat invitation? This article gives you key steps you’ll want to take even before you leave your home. Plus, it covers the cost-effectiveness of staying with a friend or family member with your dog. Read it here.

Want a cheap date idea with your dog and partner? In this article, I give you 25 great ideas.

Henry enjoyed an outing during a visit to a family's home which is how we do dog travel budget on a dime
Henry conquered a red rock during a visit to southern Nevada.

Best Dog Travel Checklist

Now, that you’ve done all your planning and preparation, it’s time to start getting your dog ready for your vacation. Perhaps you think a checklist is a bit silly and doesn’t save a bit on your expenses. Actually, it can save a lot. When you forget to pack half of you’re dog’s supplies, like I did for Henry it can be a very costly mistake. In fact, that mistake is why I created the free checklist download as part of this article. Read the walk-thru article here.

Do you love hiking with your dog, but always end up with an achy back? This article walks you through how to reduce the pain and increase the fun.

Is there anything else I need to know about traveling with my dog?

I always think about safety first. So, I will tell someone when I depart and when I expect to arrive at my location. Unfortunately, our world can be a bit crazy so checking in with a friend or family member is a great idea.

Additionally, the benefits of traveling with your dog may be too much to pass up. Consider the fact that the National Institutes of Health states that our pets help to reduce stress, and improve our physical and mental health. With that said, I think Henry’s earned his vacation ticket. What about your dog?

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Summary of Dog Travel Budget Tips

Vacations are fun. I love going on vacation with Henry. I’ve learned a few tricks. I always try to keep my costs down. But above all, I relax and enjoy my vacation with Henry. They don’t seem to come around as often as they should anymore. So, enjoy them when they do happen.

a happy little dog leads the way on a vacation walk after his family learned about dog travel budget tips

Do you vacation with your dog? What are your dog travel budget tips?

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  1. OOH THIS IS SO USEFUL!!! There is so much information here that I can use for vacationing! One thing I ave neve done is ask for discounts THAT is a new one I can use!

  2. If we had doggies we’d want to take them on vaction too. Great tips and thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    • Awe, thank you! Yes, dogs are fun on vacations. Actually, so are kitties. Thank you for letting me join your Blog Hop!

  3. Great roundup of articles on pet travel. We travel so much with our dogs, it’s amazing how even hotels within the same chain can have different policies … and fees!

    • Thank you, Cathy! You are absolutely right pet policies within the same chain can vary. And they can change without notice. It truly can make your head spin and be very frustrating if you don’t plan ahead with phone calls to verify everything.

  4. I have never travelled with Layla but love love the list for if I ever go on a vacation with her, thanks so much and what an eye opener

    • Awe, thank you, Ruth! I truly hope you and Ms. Layla get to go on vacation. Even if it’s just an overnight trip up the coast. That could be super fun and Layla would have lots of new sniffs. 😉

  5. Another fantastic post with excellent tips! This is also prime season for vacations and many people take their dogs with them and this is so useful. (I know the Empire State Snow Dog Club just did a group vacation to Lake George)! I love how safety is – as it should be – first on your list. I know how helpful this will be to travelers. I am sharing and Pinning for others to see!

    • Yes, safety is always key with me. You just never know and you can never be too safe, can you? Hmmm… I hope you get to take a great summer vacation this year too, Dorothy! Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it!


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