Does A Dog Micro Makeover Save Money?

I bet you’re wondering why my dog needs a makeover. Maybe it’s weeks between grooming appointments and he or she smells like a dog toy that has been sitting in a mud hole for a month. I know Henry gets a bit “doggie smelling” between baths and grooming. But who has time to spend hours cleaning up their pup after each outing? More importantly how on earth can you save even a penny with a doggie micro makeover? Today let’s dig into some great ways to do a dog micro makeover and surprisingly save money.

a dog mom celebrates that she saved money with a dog micro makeover
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Budget tip: 

Sometimes money savings comes in the form of preventative actions. Whenever you can take actions that make your dog healthier, keep vet visits to the minimum, and yield great savings on your dog budget it’s a very good idea. Plus, with a micro makeover it only takes a few minutes. So, for a few minutes, you and your dog get a big bang. That’s a win-win!

1. Brushing

Before any makeover, it’s always good to start with a thorough brushing to get rid of any mats. Or if it’s Henry coming in from outside that would also include or twigs hidden in his fur. It only takes me a couple of minutes and Henry has enough fur to cover a pack of pups. Brushing also, lets you inspect your dog’s fur and skin for any issues.

How does brushing my dog save money?

Of course, brushing your dog lets you feel for anything out of the ordinary like a lump or bump. But brushing in general helps to keep your dog’s fur free of mats, skin healthy, and oils distributed throughout the coat. Left unattended mats can lead to skin infections, which would mean seeing your veterinarian for treatment, possible antibiotics, and recovery time.

2. Eye compress

I admit I started doing this one after Henry was attacked and nearly lost his eye. It’s great for cleaning eyes and keeping the goo out of them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Simply grab a washcloth or towel 
  • Soak it in warm water
  • Close your dog’s eyes
  • Hold gently over one of your dog’s eyes for 30-60 seconds
  • Make sure to remove mucus
  • Switch eyes
  • Trim away any fur that may be poking into the eyes with blunt nose scissors (if you’re not comfortable with this then push away stray furs and wait for your groomer)

NOTE: Use a clean cloth or a different spot on the cloth for each eye. This will prevent the transfer of any infection you can’t see.

How does an eye compress for my dog save money?

If the mucus isn’t removed it can become an infection in your dog’s eye requiring a visit to your vet clinic for treatment most likely antibiotics and recovery and healing time. 

NOTE: Never apply any solution to your dog’s eyes without your veterinarian’s knowledge. It’s very easy for even a saline solution to make an eye worse if there is a scratch, which you generally can’t see. 

3. Spot wash

I know you’re saying spot who? Yep, you can spot-wash your dog between baths without an issue. I like to use homemade dog wash wipes. This is a great recipe to jot down from Daily Dish Magazine. I don’t use essential oil or peroxide. Homemade dog wipes can save a lot on your dog budget over store-bought ones. And they’re fairly easy to make. 

How does a clean dog save me money? 

If you or someone in your home has allergies, having your dog clean will keep the allergens down and you won’t need to spend as much on allergy medicine. Also, if your dog has environmental or seasonal allergies, keeping him or her clean will keep the irritates at bay and medications to a bare minimum. 

4. Clean ears

I find that the dog wipes I mentioned above are gentle enough to clean Henry’s ears. With Henry, I gently clean each one and make sure there is nothing hiding. I remove any dirt and loose wax. 

How does cleaning my dog’s ears save me money? 

Cleaning your dog’s ears help prevent wax build-up and ear infections. I know I don’t like ear infections. Your dog doesn’t like them either. More importantly, an ear infection means a visit to your vet for treatment, antibiotics, and time at home for the healing process. 

5. Nail trim

If you can trim your dog’s nails, it makes all the difference in the world. It helps your dog feel better and can prevent joint and back pain as well for your dog. This can be especially beneficial if your pup’s nails grow fast and need a trim between grooming appointments. I personally use this nail grinder. It works wonders in seconds. 

How does trimming my dog’s nails save me money?

It saves your dog pain. That can be a pain in the paws, legs, and back, which can lead to arthritis and medication. That means you will need a vet visit. Instead, try trimming the nails to help your pup and prevent a visit to your veterinarian’s office, treatment for the nails, and medications for long-term pain. 

6. Shine teeth

If you haven’t already brushed your dog’s teeth for the day, then now’s a good time to do it. Give them a good brush or spray. 

How can brushing my dog’s teeth save me money?

Just like you brushing your teeth, it keeping your dog’s teeth clean helps his or her overall health. Additionally, it helps prevent broken teeth, bad breath, dental disease, and organ damage. If a dog’s teeth aren’t cared for properly then any of these issues are more probable, which means a very expensive vet bill is more likely, treatment, and recovery or healing process.

7. Make the collar and tag sparkle again!

This one never ceases to amaze me. I keep thinking that Henry’s collar has gone as far as it can and then I wash it and it looks brand new. He’s as rough on his collar as any other dog. Yet, it bounces right back to life as does his ID tag. I always check that the personal information on his ID tag is still correct too. 

Here’s my simple trick for cleaning Henry’s collar and tag: 

  • Bit of Dawn soap
  • Dash of distilled vinegar
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Hang to dry 

(I know there are no precise measurements. But that’s the great part. It doesn’t need to be in order to have a great outcome. However, you don’t need much and that saves you too.)

And BINGO it looks new!

How does a clean collar save me money?

You probably figured this one out. If you don’t clean it you’re just putting dirt back on your dog. Plus, you won’t know if your collar is in good condition. Like I always think Henry’s collar is shot, but all it ever needs is a good scrub. Then I clean his ID tag to make sure it’s still readable and in good condition. This saves an un-needed purchase of collars and ID tags. 

8. Show off!

Now that your pup has a makeover, don’t forget to show off the new look to all your friends and family. Post those happy pup photos on your social media. 

How does showing off my dog save me money?

Well, it may not save you money, but heck who doesn’t love looking at adorable doggie photos? More importantly, what dog parent doesn’t love bragging about their adorable pup? 

Henry's before and after dog micro makeover photos

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Summary of does a dog micro makeover save money?

I’m sure you were thinking this was going to be all fluff without any substance. Hopefully, I’ve shown you the importance of a micro makeover for your dog and how it can save you money. When you properly care for your dog you can keep vet visits and costs to the minimum, which is great. Even with pet insurance, vet visits are generally the most costly part of your dog budget. With just a few preventive actions you can cut your costs. Plus, your dog looks, smells, and feels great. What could be better? 

an adorable husky enjoys a dog micro makeover and his dog parents enjoy the dog savings

Have you done a dog micro makeover? Are you thinking about giving your dog one now? 

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7 thoughts on “Does A Dog Micro Makeover Save Money?”

  1. I don’t have a dog but I can attest the same tips you provide work for cats too! A great point you made about keeping your pet’s coat brushed and clean is so important. You’d be amazed at how some pet parents skip over this simple task and end up with pets having big mats and then require a vet visit to get them shaved or worse. I love the idea of a mini makeover as it’s a great way to not only pamper your pet but also bond with them too. I’m due to visit my furry kitty niece next weekend to help my sister giver her a mini makeover weekend. It’s time for her to get a facial and her nails done!

  2. Henry looked great after his mini makeover, what a cutie! These are really good tips to spruce your dog up at little to no cost. The spot wash idea sounds great, I’d love to try that.

  3. Henry looks adorable. I use dry doggie shampoo on her to keep her smelling good, I also have a face wash for her which I use plus I brush her daily, wipe her bum down with a pet wipe and clean her ears, eyes and teeth. When it comes to clipping nails I take her to the groomer as she is a wiggle butt and I cannot do it. Great post and ideas especially for those on a budget

  4. I did not think of washing a dog collar but you are right. I bet it makes a huge difference and I bet until they read this people would just go out and buy a new collar!

    • Yes, it’s crazy how much a little scrubbing can bring a dog collar back to life. I really thought on numerous occasions that Henry had finally done his collar in but each time I was wrong. I’m always shocked! My kitties never got their collars nearly as dirty. And neither did my other pups. It’s really good to know I can save a bit with a little washing and drying time.

  5. Henry is so adorable! What a great little model you have there. I love this article…and with Huskies, micro makeovers in between groomings is such a great idea (especially when on of them is a long-haired wooly boy!) I used to love to give them a little dry shampoo spray in between. But boy, did they love to dig and get muddy! I was never brave enough to do their nails, but I did always do our bunny’s…does that count?! Such great tips, and I love all the money-saving points, too! Sharing with my dog followers and Pinning!

    • Oh my, I bet your Huskies need a good brushing with all their beautiful fur! Awe, yes dry shampoo is a great idea. I should add that as an option. I haven’t personally tried it, but I hear it is a great option for a dog micro makeover. Henry LOVES to dig too. His saving grace is that I can’t see as much of his dirt with his dark coloring. But I do give him a good micro makeover every few days with daily brushing. Yes, it’s amazing how the simple things can make a big impact on your dog’s budget. A bit of prevention is great for your savings. Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it!


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