Luckytail Dog Nail Grinder Review: Worth It?

Clickty, clickty, click, click. Do you hear the sound of your dog’s nails? It may be time to trim them. While it could be a nice alarm system, long dog nails can actually harm your pup. YIKES! I know a lot of us women love beautiful, long, painted fingernails. But we have hands and not paws. The problem is when our dog’s nails get to the point we can hear them they can become painful for our pups. OUCH! Plus, those long nails can disrupt our doggie’s gait and cause leg pain. A bell on your dog’s collar sounds much better, doesn’t it? Today, I’ll give you an honest Luckytail dog nail grinder review and tell you if it’s really worth the hype.

*Updated: November 5, 2023

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Budget Tip:

The honest truth is that the cost of LuckyTail Nail Grinder pays for itself in no time. Additionally, you can do it on your schedule and it's easy. I don't have to call the vet or groomer for a nail trim or have to factor that into my monthly bills. It really is a win-win for my dog, Henry and my pocketbook! 

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What is a dog nail grinder?

I’ve been searching for a while for something to trim Henry’s nails between grooming visits. Then I came across LuckyTail dog nail grinder. 

The negatives with most pet nail grinders, in general, have been two-fold:

  1. they’re loud and tend to scare the animal
  2. the vibration is uncomfortable for the pet and pet parent

LuckyTail Nail Grinder solved these issues.

Luckytail dog nail grinder review in the box

How to use LuckyTail dog nail grinder

The instructions are very easy to follow. If your dog hasn’t been to the groomer, you’ll definitely want to go very slowly with introducing the nail grinder. 

Luckytail dog nail grinder review with box open

1. Leash

The instructions suggest putting your dog on a leash so he doesn’t want to escape the dog nail trimming session. 

2. Introduce without running

Begin by introducing your dog to the uniquely designed grinder without it running and give your dog a treat. 

3. Allow inspection with running

Then turn on the nail grinder and let your dog sniff it and give him another treat or a few treats.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary

The instructions state you may need to repeat the last two steps a few times until your dog becomes comfortable with the grinder. 

Let the dog nail grinding begin

1. Turn on the grinder

dog nail grinder by LuckyTail

Once you and your dog are ready to begin the grinding process, turn on the grinder.

NOTE: To turn on the grinder Touch and hold the power button. It takes a second to come on. You’ll know it’s on when you get a blue light and see the LED lights. 

2. Select the grinder head

Luckytail dog nail grinder review upclose
Luckytail dog nail grinder review grinding head

The grinder head has two openings 

  • larger for large dogs or tough nails 
  • smaller side for smaller dogs or softer nails

3. Pick your speed

You’ll also want to select a grinding speed, but you may want to work up to the high speed. It’s easy to adjust the speed by hitting the power button again. The nail grinder will go from 8,000 RPMs to 10,000 RPMs.  

4. Grind

Gently place your dog’s nail into the grinding hole you selected. It’s recommended to not grind any nail for more than 5 seconds at one time. 

That’s it. Now, work your way around to all your dog’s nails and give a treat as you deem appropriate. Or give your dog a break as he needs. 

LuckyTail dog nail tool

Is LuckyTail dog nail grinder safe for home use?

Yes, it’s designed with safety in mind. The product is well tested on the company’s own dogs (which is actually a great testament because who wants to harm their own dogs).

Can I use LuckyTail dog nail grinder on dark nails?

Yes. Henry has dark nails. It’s why I have been so hesitant in trimming his nails myself. I didn’t want to trim them too short. However, with LuckyTail I haven’t had a problem at all. It’s easy. However, I wasn’t too sure at the beginning it would work for him. I’m certainly convinced. 

Why should I use a dog nail grinder?

Of course, you can use dog nail clippers to trim your dog’s nails. But most groomers will tell you that a grinder does a superior job. Dog nail clippers will leave the nails rough. Plus, there’s a great chance of cutting the quick, especially if your dog has dark nails.

Additionally, the problems associated with most dog nail grinders of vibration and noise, LuckyTail has successfully solved.

How often should I grind my dog’s nails?

While I have not conducted a DNA test on Henry, I’m absolutely convinced he’s part Chia Pet or at least weed. I swear I’ve never seen anything grow so fast. For Henry, I’ll have to trim his nails every 10-14 days. For most, “normal” dogs it’s recommended every 3-4 weeks. 

What are the special features of LuckyTail dog nail grinder

I have to admit, I did look at several nail grinders. This one stood out head and shoulders above the rest, or should I say paws and tail, for a few reasons. 

1. Whisper quiet dog nail grinder

This was huge for grinding since noise has been a major ding on other nail grinders.

2. No vibration

A big negative with most nail grinders has been the vibration, so this was another huge plus with LuckyTail.

3. Long-lasting diamond grinding heads

This is important for me because as I said, Henry’s fur and nails grow insanely fast.

4. Grinding heads are easy to replace

They also come in 3 styles. Again this is important for me because I know I’ll have to replace the grinding head more often than most dog parents. Here are the available grinding head styles:

  • Super Soft – finishing head
  • Regular – for the average dog nails (this is the one that comes with the grinder)
  • Extra hard – for thick or large breed dogs

5. Built-in LED lights

dog nail grinder

These are great for helping to see your dog’s nails while grinding. Henry is mostly black so the added light really helps me. 

6. USB charging mode

Luckytail dog nail grinder review port
Luckytail dog nail grinder review plugged in

This means, no need for batteries which means no waste of batteries when they are used. This is big for me on a personal note.

7. Lightweight and easy design

This is important to me because holding heavy things for a long time will make my hands cramp.

8. Easy to clean (plus it comes with a cleaning cloth)

Once again I know this is important because I will be using this grinder more than the average dog parent.

Is LuckyTail dog nail grinder veterinarian-approved?

Yes. It was another major factor that played into my selection of LuckyTail. 

Are there any other features that make LuckyTail dog nail grinder stand out?

Yes, there are a few other features that are amazing. While they weren’t on my immediate list of what I needed in a nail grinder, they are fairly impressive. 

  1. charge lasts 4 hours, that’s longer than some of my phones have done
  2. safety cover for smaller and bigger dogs
  3. two speeds for easier grinding of hard nails
  4. safety cap to keep the grinder clean and protected
  5. 30-day return policy is offered by LuckyTail

Is there anything special about LuckyTail?

While I didn’t realize it at the time, LuckyTail is an exceptional company. One of my passions is being environmentally responsible. LuckyTail is an environmentally responsible company, with an eye on promoting inclusion, and fundamental rights. Basically, it’s a Grade A company. 

Is LuckyTail dog nail grinder right for my dog?

I can tell you that after much searching, I found a dog nail grinder that solved all the problems. If you’re looking for an easy way to trim your dog’s nails, then LuckyTail dog grinder is your best option.

Where can I get a LuckyTail dog nail grinder for my dog?

Unfortunately, they aren’t sold in stores. But you can find them easily online like I did and the company offers a guarantee in case it doesn’t work for your pup. Here’s where I got my Luckytail nail grinder for Henry.

Happy Henry after getting his nails easily cared for at home.
Henry with his LuckyTail Nail Grinder.

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Summary of a surprisingly easy way to care for doggie nails with LuckyTail dog nail grinder 

There are lots of selections out there for trimming your dog’s nails. I can tell you after research that, LuckyTail is a great option. Henry has been happy. And I’m thrilled that I finally have a great way of taking care of his nails between grooming and vet visits. I’m surprised to learn LuckyTail is also a good company. For me, it solidifies my decision even more in going with LuckyTail dog grinder. If you’re looking for an easy way to care for your dog’s nails, I recommend the LuckyTail dog grinder. 

Luckytail dog nail grinder review shows that it's actually worth the purchase and easy to care for your dog

How do care for your dog’s nails between grooming and vet visits? Are you thinking about trying LuckyTail grinder now? 


22 thoughts on “Luckytail Dog Nail Grinder Review: Worth It?”

  1. Very cool! I’ve been dremeling my dogs’ nails since my Kitsune was a puppy, so 13ish years now. I very much prefer it to using nail clippers on them. My dogs must REALLY be part weed, because I do their nails once a week. I’ve never heard of this brand before. I just use an old fashion nail dremel. It’s like 6+ years old, noise, vibrations, and all. Lol. Thankfully I took the time to really get my dogs used to it- they sometimes fall asleep while I’m doing their nails! I can see how something quieter would be helpful, especially to owners just starting to grind their dog’s nails.

    • I’m so impressed you can use a dremel so successfully. Henry had a groomer who used a dremel. It never bothered him. I would be bothered by the noise and vibration. I suppose like anything, practice makes perfect. But like you said, with a dremel, you’d definitely have to do a lot of training with your dog, if it was something new to him or her. Or like for me, new to me. I’m totally impressed with your skills, Michelle! Two paws up!

  2. To a cat owner using a grinder sounds so weird (as cats only have small paws and I use clippers!) but I know this is often a very important skill for any dog owners armoury and that a dog would suffer without proper paw care.

    Your post covers all the questions I know I would ask myself and you made me laugh with your dog weed 😉 comment. I like that the grinder is not loud (which would startle some dogs I am sure) and easy to use. For anyone new to this type of equipment your post is immensely helpful.

    This sounds a big leap forward in dog paw care and the company has done a fantastic job.

    • You’re so kind. I’m really happy to know you found this article informative and a bit humorous. Two things I aim for in each post.

      You are absolutely correct. LuckyTail is a big step for home dog nail care. There’s always got to be a pack leader that solves the problems. This company seems to be it.

      Give your kitties a pet for Henry and me. He would LOVE a kitten of his own. 🐶💖🐱

  3. I have a love-hate relationship with nail-grinders. I love the professional-grade ones we have at the vet clinic. But they take a bit of getting used to and because the entire grinding head is open a quick movement from a pup can make for you accidently grinding your hand rather than the dog’s nail (ouch!). But they are relatively quiet and don’t “tug” on the nail or leave sharp edges. All of the at-home nail grinders I’ve found either take forever to work, are SUPER loud or “tug” on the nail. I’d definitely be open to trying out something new – this sounds awesome! Right now I just use regular nail-trimmers, which are fine, but I don’t like the sharp edges.

    • Oh my! Those professional grade dog nail grinders would make me nervous. I’d probably end up grinding one of my fingers off. I really like how safe the LuckyTail grinder is for both dog and operator. Plus, with it being quiet and with no vibration, it helped me be calm too the first time I tried it. I have admit I was a bit worried. But it was silent and motionless. So, I was able to be much calmer than if there was a lot of noise or vibration. I would image that helps many dogs too. As dog parents know, our pups easily pick up on our emotions. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a home dog nail grinder I would definitely recommend LuckyTail.

  4. What a great review. I like that the Lucky Tail Dog nail grinder is quiet and has an LED light so you can see better when trimming your dog’s nails. Plus, the quiet grinder doesn’t scare your dog. I can appreciate that Lucky Tail is an environmentally responsible company. Thanks for sharing your review of this product. This would make for a great practical gift for dog Moms and Dads.

    • Kamira,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      You’re absolutely right LuckyTail dog nail grinder would make a terrific dog parent gift. I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it. I know I would be thrilled with receiving as a gift.

      By the way, those LED lights are genius! I can easily see Henry’s nails.

  5. Great review and it sounds like an amazing solution to cutting their nails but having lousy vision I pay my groomer every two months to do Layla’s nails, I am petrified to even try by myself especially as she is a wiggle butt.

    • That’s a good idea to leave the nail trimming to the groomer since your eyesight isn’t so great. Good recognition. Wiggle butts can also be a bit difficult. It’s definitely good to know what you should and shouldn’t tackle as a dog parent. That’s the sign of a great dog parent.

  6. Such a great and helpful post! I used to trim my dwarf bunny’s nails, but after a few times with my Huskies, (who would intensely dislike getting their back paws done!), I decided it was safer to let the groomer come in between “spa” days to just do their nails and to trim the paw pad fur! Yup. I chickened out of nail care and left it to a pro! I’m Pinning this great info to share!

    • Awe, thank you! If you are having major issues with your dog in trimming nails or you have anxiety in doing it, then by all means it’s a super idea to leave it to the professionals and have the groomer do it. That’s great recognition of your skills as a dog parent and it’s being a responsible dog parent. Great job!

  7. Thank you for this very detailed review. We have a “problem” dog who is a major struggle with taking him to the vet. We now have someone come to the house but I would like to try doing ourselves. This sounds like a great tool.

    • I’m actually really amazed at how easy LuckyTail dog nail grinder is to use both for my dog and for me. I was nervous at first. But turning it on and hearing almost nothing and feeling nothing, put me at ease. I think that also help put Henry at ease. If you’re thinking about a way to take care of your dog’s nails easily, then LuckyTail is definitely worth a try.

    • My fingers are crossed as well, Beth. It works really well for Henry. I have to admit, I was nervous at first. Now, it’s easy, just like brushing him.

      I’d LOVE to hear how the nail grinder works for you.

  8. I’ve found the Luckytail Dog Nail Grinder to be a worthwhile tool for keeping my furry friend’s nails trimmed and comfortable!

    • I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Luckytail Dog Nail Grinder as well. It certainly does work well for Henry’s nails. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  9. I highly recommend the Luckytail Dog Nail Grinder as it is efficient, user-friendly, and delivers excellent results for your furry friend’s nail grooming needs.


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