Pawsivitly Beautiful Benefits of Garden Water Features!

Who doesn’t love beautiful yards or tranquil garden water features? I suppose our yards should be beautiful, since according to a National Gardening survey in 2023, homeowners spend on average $616 a year on gardening. But, I’m willing to bet you don’t know that the water fountain industry in the US is expected to grow to nearly 1.8 billion by the year 2032. 

Are you thinking about adding a fountain to your yard? Do you know the rules for fountains when you have pets?

Let’s explore the safety features of water fountains and why the industry will grow so much. Specifically, let’s discover what to look for and avoid. Also, we’ll dive into how staying within the rules actually saves money, which is critical.

a yorkie is happy benefit from garden water features
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Budget tip:

Water features can be a great addition to your yard. However, selecting one that is safe for your dog or pet is vital. It can help keep your vet bills in check while giving you a sense of peace. That means zen fountains are  a win-win-win-win-win for your fur kids, yard, wallet, and you!

Want to learn how to create a dog-friendly beautiful yard on a kibble budget? This article will give you all the details you need.

What types of garden water features are available?

bird baths can be great water features

As you look at how to spend your average annual yard budget, you should know there are many different types of outdoor fountains you may want to install in your yard. These include:

  • Ponds
  • Bird bath fountains
  • Drinking fountains
  • Stand-alone fountains
  • Wall fountains  (hanging fountains)
  • Cast stone fountains
  • Spillway bowl outdoor fountain
  • Sphere fountains

One easy and simple way to add a trickling water fountain to your yard is with a pet-friendly water feature. My dog, Henry loves this indoor-outdoor fountain for drinking.

What are the general safety features of garden water fountains?

Of course, any standing water can attract bugs, insects, birds, and animals. This includes misquotes. Thus, you’ll want to clean your fountain regularly to avoid a bug or misquote infest. 

Additionally, if you have water garden structures and kids or a curious fur kid, like a puppy, never leave them unattended in your yard. 

Note: Your kid or furry friend can drown in as little as one inch of water. 

Want to learn how to create a pet-friendly perennial yard? This article breaks it all down.

What are the general benefits of a yard water fountain?

spouting water are great water garden features

There are many great benefits you may want to take into consideration with an outdoor water fountain. These include

  • Tranquil noise with running water
  • Improves your mental state
  • Reduces the surrounding air temperature
  • Cleans the air as it circulates the water
  • Drowns out unwanted noises from dogs, traffic, and people
  • Keeps your dog and pet hydrated (if they have access to it)
  • Reduces your dog’s need to dig for a cool spot (saves your yard)
  • Adds to your yard’s beauty

Do you know that the right amount of clean water can reduce your vet bill? In this article, I reveal the details.

Is it safe for my dog to drink from my water fountain?

If you keep your fountain clean and don’t add chemicals, it will be fine for your dog to slurp from it. However, make sure you have enough water in the fountain so the motor can move the water. Otherwise, you risk damaging the motor and fountain function. Not surprisingly, some dogs love the motion of water in a fountain and will tend to drink significantly more. This is great in the summer to avoid dehydration. But you need to check on your fountain often to make sure it’s got enough clean water. 

What are the features to look for in a dog-friendly water fountain?

You’ll want to make sure your feature includes:

  • Secured firmly to the ground or wall
  • Easy to clean
  • Adding water is easy
  • Higher quality water pump to circulate the water outside
  • Easy access to a plugin or solar power for the water pump
  • No sharp corners, chips, or cracks (if you have a current or used fountain)

Is your dog digging holes in your yard? The article has all the solutions.

How should I clean and care for my yard water feature?

DIY can be great water features

You’ll want to clean your garden fountain at least monthly. Additionally, you’ll most likely need to add water to it daily, especially during the peak hot months of summer. 

However, if you notice the water is dirty more often then clean it weekly. Clean fountain pumps definitely last longer and save you money. 

Also, keeping your fountain clean will maintain its function and beauty. Furthermore, cleaning will neutralize any algae buildup and discourage insects from breeding in the water source. 

The best (and eco-friendly) cleaning option is a mixture of distilled vinegar and dish soap (I like blue Dawn). Normally, this is a one-to-one ratio. But make sure you rinse your fountain thoroughly of the solution so it doesn’t trickle bubbles or vinegar. 

Finally, look for any cracks, chips, or sharp areas, that could become an issue.

Is a pond safe for my dog?

Henry looking for fish. He's testing out different garden water features.
Henry loves watching for fish. It is a big criterion for his garden water features.

If you add coy fish and water lilies to your pond, it can be cleaned naturally. However, pond pumps are still encouraged to help keep our aqua creation in tip-top condition. 

In short, ponds can be safe for your furry friends. But don’t let your dog eat the lilies or fish. Both can be a hazard to your dog. Fish bones can get caught in the throat and lilies are toxic to many pets, including dogs. 

Additionally, some dogs love to watch the fish. My dog, Henry always enjoys seeing fish swim. Although, if your dog is overly curious you may need to teach boundaries so he doesn’t go splashing into the pond to catch a fish. 

Another great idea with a pond is adding a waterfall. 

Do you know how to keep your dog and pets safe from dangerous water? In this article, I reveal everything you need to know.

Where’s the best place to put my new garden water feature?

water garden water features can be fun

This will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your water fountain. For example:

  • Near the fence to down out the neighbors or traffic
  • Close to an outlet for the water pump
  • On the patio, near your outdoor furniture, for more tranquility 
  • An area restricted from curious pets and kids

Are water features bad in drought areas?

It will depend on how big your water feature is and where you install it. For example, if you replace some of your grass or water-thirsty plants, it can save water and cut your watering costs. Additionally, if your water feature isn’t the Taj Mahal, then you can stay within your area’s water restrictions. 

Is a pet water fountain the same as a garden water feature?

No and yes. A garden water feature may not be a good pet drinking water fountain due to size, design, or location. However, a pet drinking fountain may give you the tranquil noise you need in your yard while keeping your pet hydrated. Pet water fountains may not be as attractive as a typical garden fountain, but they can give you that zen ambient noise. Plus, they are definitely safe for all small or household pets. Additionally, the water area is usually small enough that there’s no fear of drowning. 

This is the pet fountain I have for Henry. He LOVES IT!

Can I make my own yard water feature?

Yes! There are many great DIY options for adding water features to your yard. Plus, you can customize a DIY fountain to fit into the aesthetic appeal of your yard better. 

Here are a couple of homemade fountains I love!

Lowe’s DIY tiered water fountain 

This is a brilliant smart solar hack for creating a beautiful garden fountain in no time by At Home With Shannon.

These are amazing water fountain ideas from Excellent Guru.

How does a garden water feature save me money?

You might be surprised to learn that when you install a pet-friendly water feature it can reduce your costs. Here are a few potential pet vet and yard expenses you should consider.

Dehydrated pets$200+
Kidney problems$3,000-4,500
Urinary issues$274+
Heat-related issues$200-8,000
Destroyed plants and yard from digging for a cool spot$0-25+
Better mental moodPRICELESS!!!
Attracts yard pollinators (hummingbirds, butterflies, bees)INVALUABLE!!!
Brings wildlife to your yard for watchingINSPIRATIONAL!!!
Moving water purifies the air, which is good for you and your fur kidsGOLD!!!
Reduces the air temperature for comfy yard visitsCOOL WIN!!!
Beautiful looking and sounding yardTREASURED!!!
Increases your yard appeal and possibly valueBREATHTAKING!!!

Remember, you can easily give your dog a fountain and add zen to your yard with a pet water fountain. I like this gallon drinking fountain for Henry! The bonus is it can work inside or outside in the summer.

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Splashworthy notes on dog-friendly garden water features

Pet-friendly water features can add beauty to your yard and care for your pet. Additionally, you can reduce your mental stress with the peaceful trickling sound. That means your wallet is happy, fur kids are safe and healthy, and your yard is beautiful! That’s a winning combination! I know Henry loves water fountains. 

a cute husky loves enjoying garden water features

Have you been considering a water feature for your yard? Did you know that the right one can reduce your bills?

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