Stop Your Neighbor Dog Barking Constantly

We’ve all experienced how one dog can get a whole neighborhood of dogs barking. It can fray your last nerve if it continues for a long time. Is there a way to find peace when your neighbor dog barking is constant? There are a few tricks, some of which may surprise you. In this article, I’ll cover them.

*Updated: March 3, 2023

a neighbor dog barking keeps everyone alert at all hours
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Budget Tip:

While there aren't a lot of options for your neighbor's barking dogs, you do have a few. Keeping a quiet neighborhood is a good thing, unless there's just cause to bark like someone's home is being broken into. Otherwise, a constantly barking dog is just plain annoying and can undo your dog's bark training. 

Therefore, taking action to curtail your neighbor's dog barking is a very good thing for the entire neighborhood. If you have to invest in an automatic anti barking device (see below), it may be well worth it to at least have a calm night. Keep in mind that some pet stores will stand behind their products. So, if you try an anti barking device and it doesn't work, then you can turn it in without an issue. It definitely can be a good investment for peace and quiet. 

Communicate with your neighbor

Your neighbor may not even be aware that his or her dog is barking when left alone. Or it could be an unwanted behavior issue that is being currently worked on with the dog.

The first trick is determining the trigger for the barking, which then leads to a solution.

If the barking is being triggered by separation anxiety, you can suggest a dog walker, doggie daycare, pet sitter, family, friend, or a dog community member dog sitting. Sometimes, calming medication will help as well, it certainly has helped calm my dog, Henry’s anxiety. Or if your dog is friends with the barking neighbor dog, you can even offer to dog sit.

NOTE:  I would highly recommend that you write a document that would protect you if the neighbor’s barking dog causes damage to your home. You will want to hold your neighbor responsible for his or her dog’s actions.

Basically, what a dog kennel, doggie daycare, or pet sitter would require prior to watching the dog. Additionally, make sure the dog is properly vaccinated and you have the dog owner’s cell number as well as the vet’s number, just in case anything unforeseen should happen. 

Notice when nuisance barking increases

If you notice that the neighbor’s dog only barks when you or your dog are in your yard, then try to create a safe barrier zone where the barking dog won’t be able to detect your presence so easily. You can try a water fountain, a thicker hedge, or another barrier between your yard and the neighbor’s yard to break both sight and sound.

However, if the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking due to your motion detector lights, then try to re-focus your lights a little. This can make a huge difference.

Maybe the neighbor’s dog is hearing your dog going out the dog door. If this is the case, then try to put another noise deterrent by the door like a water fountain. Additionally, add a cushion to the lining of the flap of the doggie door to help prevent a hard opening and closing. At least when you’re home or during the day. Although, if you live in a higher wildlife area, as I do, you’ll want to be able to shut the doggie door tightly at night.

Make friends with your neighbor’s nuisance dog barking

friendly neighbor dog barking and wagging tail

This is a play on Pavlov’s dog. So, instead of every time, the neighbor’s dog sees you he or she barks out of anxiety or territory defense, you turn that into every time the dog sees you he or she’s excited and happy.

Of course, you’ll need the neighbor’s permission for this trick. The idea is that you give the pooch dog treats. Or play with the dog, if possible. Even invite the dog over to play with your dog, again if possible.

Another great idea is to create a DIY dog stimulation toy and give to the noisy dog with the pet parents’ permission. They aren’t expensive but can give the dog away to occupy his or her mind without looking and listening for everything that passes by.

Basically, you are becoming friends with this dog. Thus, instead of barking when he or she sees or smells you, he or she will be excited when you are near because you equate it to positive experiences. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. But in theory, it doesn’t take that long either.

What if my neighbor refuses to quiet his barking dog? 

There are still solutions. Even if you’ve exhausted all the above remedies. Or your neighbor has refused to talk to you from the start. Although the options will depend on where you live.

Solutions for HOA living with a barking dog

If you live in an HOA, you can talk to your HOA board. Most HOAs will not permit barking dogs. They will quickly issue a complaint to the dog owner and they will be forced to find a remedy.

Tricks for a barking dog in an apartment

Again, you’ll want to talk to the apartment complex owner or board, depending on your apartment. Remember, you will not be the only one disturbed by the barking dog. As such, you will definitely want to discuss with the dog parent the very unique situation of apartment living with a dog. This includes having to walk the dog more. At any rate, an apartment barking dog complaint will get a quick resolution. The dog owner will be issued a noise complaint and forced to mediate the noise issue within a short time frame.

Tips for country or house living with neighbors dogs barking relentlessly

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. But it’s not impossible to find a resolution.

1. Find out the noise ordinances

 You’ll want to know what your city or county noise ordinances say specifically in regard to barking dogs. Generally, you can find this information online under your city or county government codes.

2. Call to file a noise complaint

Next, after you’ve discovered that barking dogs aren’t allowed within your area or at certain hours, you’ll need to make a phone call to file a complaint. Most likely, you’ll call your local sheriff’s office or animal control and file a noise disturbance complaint.

3. Neighbors should join the complaint filing for more impact

I know most people like to file complaints anonymously in order to keep a friendly neighborhood. However, you may not have this option. So, you’ll want to balance the pros and cons of the noise complaint filing with living next to an incessant barking dog. Although, it should also be noted that if you can gather complaints from other neighbors, it will have a lot more impact. Basically, the more neighbors that join in on the complaint, the more of an impact it will make in getting a resolution quickly.

4. Noisy dog owners are served the complaint

After the complaint is filed, the neighbor will be served with a complaint and told they are given a certain amount of time to rectify the situation (this will vary as well).

5. Follow-up with the resolution process

Finally, I would recommend following through with the sheriff’s office or animal control after the designated time to verify they have revisited the neighbor. You want to make sure measures have been taken to meditate for the barking issues. However, you should be able to hear if a solution has been found or not.

Is there anything else I can do to stop a neighbor’s dog barking all the time?

There are a couple of devices some people use that they feel are effective in silencing nuisance dog barking.

Silent Dog whistle


  • Can be effective in quieting a barking dog.
  • Relatively inexpensive with most ranging around $7-10.


  • The drawback of a dog whistle is that you have to be right there to use it when the dog is barking.


Automatic anti-barking device


  • These can be very effective in silencing a barking dog.
  • It doesn’t harm the dog and is put in a central location. In this case, probably your backyard.


  • It can deter both your dog and your neighbor’s dog from entering the backyard.
  • It can cause indoor “accidents” since the backyard becomes an off-zone area for your dog and the neighbor’s dog. However, you can remedy this by turning it off at certain hours for potty and play breaks.
  • They can be more expensive ranging from $25-90.

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Summary of practical ways to stop your neighbor dog barking constantly

A noisy dog next door can be incredibly nerve-racking, especially if the entire neighborhood of dogs joins the constant barking. It’s always best to try to find a peaceful resolution by talking to the dog owners. Offering solutions to the excessive noise that perhaps the pet parents hadn’t thought of yet can be well received. Remember everyone has ears. You may even be surprised to learn that the neighbor doesn’t even know that there is a barking issue. This can be helpful for the dog parent in correcting a behavior issue or barking trigger.

Notably, if you can’t find a resolution by communicating with your neighbor and the barking problem continues, then you can try filing a noise complaint, or getting an anti-barking device. Even if you live in an HOA, apartment, or city, you have a way to remedy your neighbor’s barking dog.

a husky neighbor dog barking all the time keeps everyone on edge

Have you ever had to deal with a neighbor’s dog always barking? What tricks did you use to find a solution?  


18 thoughts on “Stop Your Neighbor Dog Barking Constantly”

  1. If something doesn’t upset my dog, it doesn’t upset me. We did have a neighbor whose dog would cry a lot because she was often alone in the yard. That did bother me. Barking doesn’t bother me unless it’s in the middle of the night.

    I do love the Pavlov’s dog idea–I used that strategy for various things.

    • Crying always bothers me too. Or that “I’m injured bark!” I’ve searched out those pups and called for help if I’m unable to help them myself.

      Isn’t it amazing how many different ways you can apply the theory of Pavlov’s dogs? It’s something everyone should remember.

  2. A lot of people do not appear to care about the noise their dogs make and this is so selfish. Your ideas are really positive and helpful and a lot more proactive for dog barking victims.

    A woman in our valley had a dog taken off her because she could not shut it up! (Animal control go to great lengths to keep animals in home do this must have been really bad!)

    • Thanks, Marjorie! I like approaching any situation from a positive perspective (if at all possible). I also always advocate for being proactive. It’s never easy to get a positive foothold on anything, even a barking dog if you feel like your coming at it from behind the eight-ball and anxiety-filled.

      I hope the dogs in your valley found a good new home.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. I have to admit, hearing dogs barking never really bothered me too much – as long as I didn’t feel like the dog was in any distress. I have a dog who loves the sound of his own voice, lol, so I know the struggles of trying to keep your dog quiet all the time. Luckily, we live on a 5 acre property in the country, with no close neighbors. I know both my closest neighbors have dogs, but I never hear them. I doubt they ever hear mine either.

    • That’s my dream to have 5 acres. I’m currently on 2 acres as I settle my mom’s estate.

      You’re right, most of the time, I don’t mind dogs barking. However, if it sounds like they’re fighting or hurt, my ears perk up. I also have a friend who has a 4-year-old Yorkie mix. She has the highest-pitched bark I’ve ever heard! I swear I can feel my brain cells dying when she barks. Unfortunately, she barks constantly. As a result, I don’t visit my friend much. When I do visit, I don’t stay long. My friend is older and I think must be going deaf. Her neighbors aren’t fond of the barking either. But my friend refuses to correct her barking. However, I think some of her neighbors have taken matters into their own hands and gotten anti barking devices. The little dog doesn’t like going into the backyard much anymore. I can’t say I blame the neighbors. I think her barking pitch could wake the dead. 👻🤪🐶

  4. I live in an apartment with about 50 dogs in the building, I never hear them and if a dog barks I always feel it is a sign that something is bothering them but it does not bother me. Layla only barks when she wants attention and it is a new thing that my vet told me comes with age, and she is 15 years old

    • I completely agree. You definitely want those alert barks to let you know if someone or something is off in your area.

      Awe, Layla has your number with getting your attention. Henry will get my attention one way or the other too. If I don’t respond to his basic jump, twirls, paw on my leg, then he’ll bark. The bark will mean, you better pay attention before there’s an accident. They do know how to communicate with us, even if we think we’re busy cooking or doing something “important”.

      Give Layla a pet for Henry and me. 😊💖🐶

  5. Oh this hits home! We moved recently after living in our home for 30 years, and the one neighbor became more housebound as she aged and decdied to get a little Poodle. There was a privacy fence between us so making friends was out of the question. That Poodle barked from morning to night. And I had five Siberian Huskies who were so quiet. Not barkers. They would break out in howling song a few times a day, but thankfully all my neighbors loved it, including them. They even lifted their little pup over the fence without first having me introduce my dogs…and well, if you know Huskies, you know how they feel about small prey! I believe they were just not dog savvy people. So needless to say, bark and bark and bark that little dog did whenever out in their yard. Since they lived there since before we built our house, we didn’t want to file a complaint against a neighbor. So I did get one of those silent dog whistles! Only, it also made my Huskies go “Huh?!” So I had to bring in my dogs, and walk over to the fence line and blow the whistle. It helped a little, but moving really solved the problem! (No, we didn’t move because of them, but it was definitely a plus!) Great post! Pinning to share!

    • Oh my goodness! So, you moved in order to get away from the barking dog? I hope there was more to the story. If that’s what kicked the move, that’s just awful you couldn’t come to some sort of resolution with the woman and her barking dog. Some people just can’t see life outside their little world.

      Henry is part Poodle (cockapoo). But he rarely barks, unless he’s playing or really wants my attention. I’m actually, shocked he doesn’t bark more. Maybe he takes after the cocker side more on barking???? I wonder if the Poodle barking was more about the neighbor than the poodle. I’ve known a few Poodles in my life and none were barkers. They were all pampered. But all very quiet. One lived next to my grandparents for years. I never heard her bark once. I come back to people being rude and not seeing past their nose or considering others.

      Whatever the reason for the move, I hope you love your new home and it brings you years and years of peace, joy, and loving memories without any rude neighbors with barking dogs. 😊💖🐶

  6. Unfortunately, I have had to work with a neighbor whose dog was barking constantly. I live in a huge apartment complex (over 5,000 people). The dog and his owners lived above me and the dog would bark from the time they left to the time they got home. Since I work from home, it did rattle my nerves. I was also concerned for the dog though. Seperation anxiety is real and needs to be dealt with. I called my apartment complex and later the neighbor came down to talk to me with his dog. The situation resolved rather quickly.

    • Oh goodness! That would give me a throbbing migraine. I do feel for those dogs and animals with separation anxiety. I’ve had a few anxiety attacks. They are no joke! I’m glad you got your situation solved so quickly. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. I need to show this to a friend. The neighbor’s dogs constantly bark when my friend is in the backyard. I’ve recommended that she try to befriend the dogs with treats (with the human’s permission), but she thinks they will just bark more at her. (She’s not a dog person.)

    You have a lot of good ideas, I hope she can find something that works for her.

    • I hope these tips will help your friend. A barking dog, especially in close proximity or at certain pitches, will drive a sane person nutty. She may even want to talk to her other neighbors for help as well if she’s already talked to the barking dog’s parents. Good luck to her.

  8. I’ve been lucky to not have any issues directly with barking dogs in my area. They are rather well-behaved and discreet. Maybe the owners have them trained well? However, I appreciate this post because I can share it with a few friends of mine who are experiencing issues with neighbors with loud barking dogs. I’ll have to share your tips!

    • Thank you Kamira, for your continued support. I hope it helps your friends who are dealing with barking dog issues in their neighborhoods. Good luck to them.

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