How Does Dog Safe Mulch Save Money?

A cute puppy roams a garden with dog safe mulch.

What is dog safe mulch? And how on earth can it help my yard, dog, and wallet? While you may think that lawn mulch is simply lawn mulch, it’s not. In other words, not all mulch are created equal. There are ones you’ll want to avoid and ones you’ll want to use for your dog’s … Read more

15 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Immunity

Simple steps to improve your dog's immunity and get happy wags and wallets.

Are you worried about your dog’s health? Okay, so maybe you’re not really fretting over you’re pup’s health but you wouldn’t mind improving his/her immunity either. Hey, that’s something almost everyone could use. That includes our furry friends. I know I’m always thinking about how to help improve my dog, Henry’s health effectively while still … Read more