Yes! Ideal Dog Weight Shape Saves Money

Do you worry that your dog is a bit on the pudgy side? But then think, maybe my pup is the ideal dog weight shape for him. 

Or perhaps, you look at your dog and think, “Oh he’s so skinny!” and throw him another dog treat or extra food. 

I admit, that I’ve wondered about both of these things with my dog, Henry. However, I asked my vet and he’s the ideal dog weight shape. Okay, so I’m a proud dog mom. 

Of course, there are easy ways to tell if your dog is pudgy, skinny, or the perfect weight shape. So, today, let’s dig in and discover how the ideal dog weight shape saves money and more!

*Updated: March 13, 2024

curious if your dog is an ideal weight shape
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Budget tip:

Keeping your dog fit is not only good for your dog’s well-being, but also can help your wallet. And ideal weight dog is happy and healthy and so is your bank account. 

Thus, you may just extend your dog’s life by keeping your pup in an ideal dog weight shape. 

That’s all a huge win-win for you and your dog!

Just like with us, dogs and pets, in general, can develop health issues either from being overweight or underweight. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Decreased mobility
  • Heart issues
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Lack of energy
  • Depression 

Of course, you can ask your vet about your dog’s weight and if your pup is overweight, underweight, or has a perfect weight shape. 

However, you can also do your own test.

What do I mean? 

My vet at one of our visits showed me how to test a dog’s ideal weight shape.

To do this simply run your hands down the sides of your dog. You should be able to feel ribs, but not see them. 

Moreover, as the rib cage ends, you should also feel a slight indentation of the gut. Then there should be a bow outward again at the hips.

Basically, the ideal dog weight shape is a slight hourglass shape. This will be more apparent when looking down on your dog. Although, some furry dogs’ shapes can only be determined with the feel test.

Dr. Ruthann from Purina demonstrates this perfectly here in this very short video.

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This is easy. When you look at your dog, you’ll see the ribs of your pup. Of course, this is easier to see on a less furry dog like a smooth-coated terrier. 

Additionally, when you run your hands along your dog’s ribs they may feel like your knuckles.  If so, your dog is too skinny. 

However, if your dog has experienced a sudden and unexplained weight loss or weight gain, definitely consult your vet. 

If you have an overweight dog, there are a few ways you can encourage your pup to trim down and get more of a fit body condition.

Keep in mind that a healthy weight is what your dog should strive for regardless of your pup’s dog breed.   

Of course, once a healthy ideal weight is obtained it’s about weight management, which is where Henry is at currently.

The ideas below are great for maintaining and achieving an ideal body condition. In other words, they all help with dog, and in general, pet obesity prevention.

Yep, keep your dog active. That can simply mean walking your dog.

Do you know that simply walking your dog can reduce your expenses? In this article, I break it all down. 

The act of being active helps your dog physically, mentally, and will pay dividends in lower vet costs. All because your dog is healthier. 

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My dog, Henry loves to go for a hike. He enjoys the smells as he bounces along the trails and burns calories. 

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Henry loves to hike. It helps keep him at an ideal dog weight shape.
Henry loves to hike! It also helps him maintain a healthy weight.

You might be surprised to learn that your dog can exercise with you. If you like running sprints, climbing stairs, or bicycling, take your dog along. 

Encourage your pup to try to keep up with you. But recognize when your dog needs a break and some water. 

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If you simply don’t have time to exercise your dog, then consider a dog walker. Even a few days a week can help reduce your future vet bills. 

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Henry absolutely loves playing with other dogs. He runs, jumps, chases, and burns a ton of energy. 

He always comes home from daycare completely exhausted, yet very happy. 

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When you’re exercising your dog by having your pup learn a new trick or behavior, it’s a great thing! It not only helps with mental stimulation but also keeps your dog active. 

Of course, always watch the number of treats you give during a training session. Some high-value treats are also high in calories. 

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There are a few things to consider when it comes to feeding your dog and keeping your pup fit. 

The simple act of feeding your dog the proper amount can be huge! 

While a rounded cup instead of a level cup of food, may not seem like a big deal. It can be enormous!

Especially if your dog is small or isn’t active.

Want to learn how much you can save by simply feeding your dog the proper amount? In this article, I break it all out for you. 

I’ve mentioned a few times in different posts, that when I adopted Henry, he only ate what his human parents ate. 

While some human food is fine for a dog, not fast food!

Yep, Henry was eating fast food. He was unfit. 

After a few months, he was eating properly. 

Although, he still flashes me his best sad puppy dog eyes, when he wants a taste of my dinner. 

Honestly, if I had a food police person, I’d be super fit as well. 

Our dogs may inherit some health issues, but we don’t need to add to them by feeding them inappropriately.

While Henry may ask for a dog cookie occasionally, he never gets one that is unhealthy. 

In fact, most of the time he gets either a homemade (and very healthy) dog treat or a carrot, which he thinks is a cookie. 

Heck, I’ve even used his own dog food as a dog treat. The trick to do this is to pretend whatever you have is super yummy and call it a “cookie”. 

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Technically, your dog may not know he/she is unfit. But your pup will certainly feel better when he/she is active and eating properly. 

However, not being fit and unable to move can make your dog depressed. As such, logically speaking, your dog will know something isn’t right. 

Plus, your vet will know if your pup is fit and so will you. 

Additionally, having a healthy and fit pup can extend their lifespan. 

Also, it can dramatically decrease your future vet bills. 

Of course, always ask your vet if there’s an underlying issue for your dog being underweight or not eating. 

Next, if your dog isn’t eating as much as your vet indicates is necessary, look for a reason. 

Here are some reasons your dog may not want to eat.

If this is your dog look for what’s stressing out your pup and try to mitigate it, if possible.

For example, Henry hates it when there’s construction in our neighborhood. He simply won’t eat much. But that’s a short term disruption to his eating. Thus, I don’t worry. 

However, if there’s a weird noise in your house, see if you can reduce the impact by putting on the radio or TV. 

Yep, a dirty bowl or even an untidy eating area can distress some pups enough that they won’t eat. This is a simple fix. Just clean the bowl and area.  

I get this one. Henry can be extremely picky with his food. I’ve gone through many different types trying to find one that he would like and wouldn’t upset his stomach, yet still be healthy. 

Honestly, this is a trial-and-error process. 

However, you can discuss the problem with your vet. In fact, your vet may suggest a food you hadn’t thought of before. 

My vet has definitely helped in finding a “Henry approved” food. 

Another great way to encourage your dog to eat is with a puzzle dog food feeder, like this from Potaroma.

This is the fun part, well, if you’re a numbers nerd like me. I love to see how simple actions, like keeping your dog fit can save money. 

With this in mind, consider the following of not having a fit dog for a moment. 

Heart disease$1,500 – 2,500
Bladder stones$3,100 – 4,290
Respiratory issues$15,000 – 20,000
Thyroid disease$850
Liver issues$600 – 10,000
Cost of more food (from overfeeding)$130 – 690
Higher risk if the anesthetic is neededIMMEASURABLE!
A shorter lifespan for your dogIMMEASURABLE!

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In conclusion, I know a pudgy pup with a bit of excess weight can be cute. But a healthy and fit dog is a heart-lifting experience. Being fit can help your dog to have a better quality of life and overall better general health. 

Thus, you may extend your dog’s life. 

Additionally, it can help your wallet from not getting dinged with more costly vet bills. 

For me, I’m certainly more at ease knowing Henry is an ideal dog weight shape. 

Although, I still keep my eyes on his health as does his vet. However, I know he’s avoiding a lot of health issues by being fit. 

Even when Henry flashes me a sad puppy dog look and wants some of my dinner, I don’t cave! But, he may get a healthy dog treat or more likely a belly rub.

Moreover, Henry’s not an obese dog, or an underweight dog. Simply put he’s a healthy weight, which helps me from overfeeding him or not properly exercising him. 

My mind rests easier knowing he’s fit and healthy. Oh, yes, and so does my wallet!

a beautiful husky appears to be the ideal dog weight shape
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6 thoughts on “Yes! Ideal Dog Weight Shape Saves Money”

  1. This is so helpful. I did not know a dog has an ideal weight shape but, it makes sense, you can tell a tubby pup just by the look can’t you?

    The hard part must be NOT overfeeding when a dog looks up at you and pretends it is hungry!!

    • It really is amazing how simply keeping your dog at the ideal (slight hour glass) shape can not only positively impact their heatlh, but also you pocketbook. I love simple ways to make a big impact and this can definitely be one.

      Yes, it does take a bit to get over those puppy dog eyes when Henry thinks he needs a cookie. Thankfully, we can compromise on a healthy one, massage, or even a game of chase.

      Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m very grateful for your continued support and encouragement!

  2. Great post and I watch Layla’s weight like a hawk, she thank goodness has never been over weight, I do not give her treats unless she eats her food excluding in the morning when we come in from a walk as a reward. She has never been a social dog as such but loves going for walks and exploring parks which we do all the time to stay healthy. Weight is so important for a dogs health and you say it here perfectly.

    • Awe, thank you! Layla is a social butterfly? I figured she’d love to share her cuteness with anyone that would look her way. She’s so adorable! Henry is most definitely a social dog. He loves being around anyone or anything that will play with or love on him.

      Yes, weight management is a critical part of dog care. It’s simple and so impactful for your wallet and more importantly your dog’s health. I love easy steps to take that make a big impact. This is definitely one of them.

      Thank you for your continued support! I great appreciate it. Make sure to give Layla pets from Henry and me. 🙂

  3. Weight is extremely important to a dog’s health! My Vet is always on top of my dogs weights. Icy, my Hudky was always at an ideal weight, I made sure of that. But now that she’s 14 years old, she’s lost muscle mass and her weight has dropped. My vet wants her to put on a few pounds, which is proving to be difficult. Excellent post, thanks!

    • Awe, poor Icy! Maybe some high caloric treats would help? I’m certain your vet has given you great ideas. Sending Icy lots of healing energy so she starts gaining weight. Thanks for your continued support! I greatly appreciate it!


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