Easy Dog Teeth Cleaning – 30 Seconds

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Easy dog teeth cleaning in less than 30 seconds sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? I use to be the same way. But I can tell you it’s absolutely possible. You can even do it at home without anesthesia and no special training. In this article, I’m going to tell you a story of how I made a promise to my dog, Henry, and how a simple promise has been kept with an amazing product called TruDog Dental Spray

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A simple promise to a rescue dog

When I adopted Henry, I knew he had a history and spent four months in foster care. I wanted to avoid unneeded trauma as much as possible. I told him I would do everything in my power to keep him healthy and avoid any anesthesia. As I made this promise, I looked at his teeth and wasn’t sure how I would do it. I could see tartar on his canine teeth. But I was determined. I’ve always been a believer in “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” So, I began to do research. 

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TruDog quickly rose to the top as an easy dog teeth cleaning product

TruDog Dental Spray

It wasn’t long before I found TruDog Dental Spray. It is loaded with only natural ingredients to melt tartar, help gums, and improve doggy breath, which is a bonus!

Plus, TruDog Dental Spay boosts immunity. Additionally, it is easy to digest and hypoallergenic. These were all important to me. I adopted Henry with some digestive and allergy issues. As a result, I’m always wanting to boost his immunity. 

TruDog also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which was the final straw that sold me. 


How to administer TruDog Dental Spray for easy dog teeth cleaning

It’s recommended to spray your dog’s teeth at least 30 minutes before or after food or drink. If your dog’s teeth are very bad, then they recommend spraying twice daily and then cutting back to once a day. 

Gently pull back the gums and spray. Henry always finches, even now. I cover his eyes so he doesn’t know it’s coming. 

NOTE: The first few times I sprayed Henry’s teeth, he drooled it out like a two-year-old. It was kind of funny. He needed to get used to it. Now he doesn’t do that. You may want to show your dog it sprays before you spray your dog’s teeth, especially if your dog is “mouthy”. 

I will generally spray Henry’s teeth first thing in the morning, go outside for his first exploration, and then by the time he comes back inside, he can have breakfast because it’s about 45 minutes later. 

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Does TruDog Dental Spray work as an easy dog teeth cleaning product?

I took Henry to see his veterinarian the day after I adopted him. His vet looked at his teeth and said, “He may need a dental cleaning within the year.” This was in late May.  

In November, Henry had been on TruDog Dental Spray for several months and had his first Fall check-up with his veterinarian. His vet looked at his teeth and said “His teeth look great! Maybe in a couple of years, he’ll need a cleaning.” 

Basically, in six months his teeth went from needing a cleaning within seven months to maybe cleaning with 24 months. That is all because of TruDog Dental Spray. 

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One more example of TruDog Dental Spray an easy dog teeth cleaning product

Henry was horribly attacked a few years ago and spent about five months in a “cone of shame” while his eyelid and eye healed. During this time I didn’t bother to spray his teeth. He looked so sad, I didn’t want to add to his discomfort. At least that’s what I told my brain. 

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However, when he went in for his check-up in March, his veterinarian said “He’ll probably need a dental cleaning by the end of the year.” Those few months cut his timeline in half. 

He’s healed as much as possible and back to his regular morning TruDog Dental Spray. His veterinarian now says “Maybe in a couple of years he might need a dental cleaning.” 

I’m a true believer in TruDog Dental Spray. It is an easy dog teeth cleaning product. It has allowed me to keep my simple promise to Henry. 

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Budget tip:

Yes, you do have to buy TruDog Dental Spray every 60-90 days, depending on your dog. However, when you consider that a basic dog dental cleaning at your veterinarian’s office is between $300-700 and the cost of dog tooth extraction is $500-800 per tooth plus antibiotics and pain killers, there’s no comparison. (These cost estimates can be substantially more in certain areas). With TruDog your dog is in no pain and no recovery. As you may know, anytime your dog undergoes anesthesia, there is a bit of an unknown factor. For me and Henry, TruDog Dental Spray is an easy choice plus a major budget winner! 

Summary of easy dog teeth cleaning in less than 30 seconds

Yes, I can confidently say, easy dog teeth cleaning in less than 30 seconds can is be done daily. Henry can attest to it. And Henry’s veterinarian can attest to it. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. While I was hopeful, I wasn’t at all sure at first it was going to work. However, it has proven itself time and time again. Honestly, the only real complaint I have is I would like to use it on my teeth. Heck, I drink a lot of coffee and tea and would love an easy way to clean them as well. 

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Have you tried TruDog Dental Spray? What experience have you had with it?


16 thoughts on “Easy Dog Teeth Cleaning – 30 Seconds”

  1. I’m glad you found something that works well for Henry! I have to admit I’m a bit weary of dental sprays since the last time I tried one it made one of my dogs sick. I brush my dogs’ teeth, though, and found a dental chew that works really well for them. I also feed raw meaty bones. My oldest dog is almost 13 and, thus far, has never needed a dental. Same thing for my younger dog, who is 6. I figure I must be doing something right for both of them to have such great teeth. 🙂

    • I’m glad you have a dog teeth cleaning method that works well for you and your pups. That’s the main thing. Well, and to avoid having them undergo anesthesia with a veterinarian teeth cleaning. I agree, you must be doing something right. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of this product. I use a gel in Layla’s mouth twice a day, morning and night and use a water additive also, since I have been doing that her teeth are looking great and she being a rescue had terrible teeth when I adopted her. Like you I believe where there is a will there is a way

    • Us rescue dog mom’s know how to get things done!:D I’m so glad to hear you have found a way for Layla’s dog teeth cleaning. Excellent job being a great rescue dog mom!

  3. For the right dog, this looks the perfect treatment. I am sure Henry flinches (like us humans) more from surprise than anything AND if it is doing good, this stuff definitely works. I am so glad you can help Henry live life to the full – because we all know tooth pain makes the whole world a more threatening place.

    Good for you Henry, you lucked out with the best mum!

    • You’re absolutely right on the flinching. I know I would finch as well. Such a normal response and if he didn’t I would worry something was wrong. Thank you for such kind words. They really mean a lot to me! 🙂

  4. This spray sounds wonderful! I wish there was something for humans like this too. I’m a huge tea drinker. Anyway, it sounds like it can save dog owners a ton of time and money by keeping those teeth clean in seconds. It has to be easier than brushing your dog’s teeth every day.

    • I totally agree with you. I would love something like this for humans. I drink a lot of tea and coffee as well. But I’m definitely glad it’s available for our pups. Thanks for your insights, Robin!

  5. Interesting product; glad it’s working for Henry. We’ve been brushing regularly and always used enzymatic tooth-pastes. I find those too tie the dog over for about two years before they need dental cleaning.

    Combined with raw meaty bones, it lasted my current dog for most of her life. But I’d be curious to try this one; sounds interesting.

    • I adopted Henry about four and half years ago and he’s not needed a vet dental cleaning yet. That’s all due to TruDog Dental Spray. I’m really amazed. Henry does get an occasional dental chew. But he’s not always interested in it. So, I know for certain that the spray is working. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve used this spray with Cow, it’s a great way to get further back into the mouth than you might with a toothbrush. We still brush and use chews, it really does help to have multiple lines of defense against tooth decay.

    • I totally agree that it’s much easier to get to the teeth with spray. I also like a multiple way of attacking the teeth cleaning process. I try dental chews with Henry as well. Sometimes he’ll look at me like I’m offering him a lump of coal. I’m glad you’ve got such a great method of teeth cleaning with Cow. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a true testimony to this product! I’ve been extremely lucky with my two cats. They are both 10 years old and still have great teeth!

    • Yes, I’ve had very good luck with TruDog Dental Spray. I’m so happy to hear that your cats teeth are doing well too! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Products like this can make such a profound difference for dogs that have experienced any type of trauma in the past. We have one dog that, while sweet and laid back about nearly any other interaction, has NO interest in allowing someone to touch his teeth. This has led us to explore products similar to this one in an attempt to better manage and mitigate the problem without needing a traditional cleaning as often. This isn’t to say he doesn’t ever need one, but it really does help cut down on how often!

    • That’s wonderful that you can manage your one dog’s dental health with a spray dental care system like TruDog Dental Care. I really like it. I agree that it may not completely do away with traditional vet cleaning, but it certainly cuts the need for it down significantly. Henry has yet to have a professional vet dental cleaning. I’m thrill with it and I’m sure if he fully understood what it was doing and preventing, he’d be thrilled as well. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences!


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