Is Your Dog A Droopy Dog? Take This Quiz.

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Droopy Dog is the king for all droopy dogs. How can anyone resist a lovable droopy dog? Are you a fan of the cartoon character Droopy Dog? Have you always wanted a “Droopy Dog” of your own? Maybe you’re wondering if your dog is a droopy dog? There’s a fun way to find out with this quick and easy Droopy Dog quiz.

Is my dog Droopy



As a way of background, Droopy Dog is a fun cartoon character who was born in 1943. He first appeared in the 1943 cartoon called Dumb-Hounded. Although Droopy was not called “Droopy” until his fifth cartoon, he was already marked with the name “Droopy”. 

However, Tex Avery, his creator, dropped the working name “Happy Hound” in preference to Droopy Dog. This name certainly fits his personality. While Droopy dog may be drawn to deceive his adversaries, he is anything but dumb. This is part of the charm of Droopy Dog. He displays intellectual might, which his adversaries can never match.  

Additionally, Droopy Dog’s appearance plays greatly into his charm. He has a saggy or droopy face, moves slowly, and speaks in a monotone (or for our purposes quiet) voice. 


Droopy Dog Quiz

Now, let’s see if you have a Droopy Dog

As you sit, pet, massage, or look at your dog, this is another opportunity to bond with your dog. You can even read him the questions and answers. 

In this article, I discuss different ways to bond with your dog. 

Let’s compare your dog.


First, let’s look at your dog’s facial appearance. 


1. Does your dog have a wrinkly face? 

Droopy Dog wrinkles

For comparison, here’s a look at some wrinkly-faced pooches.

5 points if yes

Discover how to massage your dog in this article. Yep, that includes those beautiful wrinkles too. 

2. Are your dog’s eyes sad-looking?

Droopy Dog eyes

In case you need to examine your dog with others, here are some sad-eyed dogs. 

5 points if yes


3. Does your dog have long ears?

Droopy Dog ears

In case you’re not sure, if your dog has long ears, these are some pups with some long ears.

5 points if yes


Next, let’s look at how fast your dog moves.


4. Does your dog move slowly? Or is your dog high energy?

Droopy Dog Slow

If you’re confused about your dog’s energy level, here’s a list of slow-moving dogs. 

This is a sliding scale. 1 to 5 points. 

5 points if he’s a no-energy dog.

1 point if he’s a high-energy dog. 

Two more questions. Were almost at the end.

In this article, I talk about different exercises you can do with your do to help improve both you and your pup’s energy levels. 

5. Next, is your dog fairly quiet? Or does is your dog a bark master?

Droopy Dog quiet

If you’re not sure where your dog lands on the barking scale, here’s a list of more quiet dogs. 

Again, this is a sliding scale. 1 to 5 points.

5 points if your dog rarely barks.

1 point if your dog is a bark master.


In this article, I talk about what your dog’s bark means and tips to help lessen his barking.

6. Finally, is your dog smart? Do you find that your dog can outwit you?

Droopy Dog smart

We all think our pups are smart. So, this can be confusing. Here’s a list of dogs, science has proved are smart breeds. 

One more sliding scale. 1 to 5 points.

5 points if your dog can outwit you.

1 point if you have to help your dog find the food bowl. 

Learn how to build a backyard your smart dog and you will love in this article.

Here’s how to score your Droopy Dog quiz:

20-30 – Congratulations! You definitely have a Droopy Dog.

10-19 – You have a Droopy dog in the making.

1-9 – You have an adorable dog, but probably not a Droopy Dog. 


What does your Droopy Dog quiz score mean? 

Droopy Dog smile

Really absolutely nothing. This is simply for fun. But, you can brag to your friends or family that you have a Droopy Dog, a Droopy Dog in the making, or an adorable dog. 


Budget Tip:

The tip here is to just enjoy your dog whether he or she is droopy or not. You invited your dog into your home and family, so do fun things and enjoy your time and life together. That’s a priceless and win-win budget tip! 



This is a fun quiz to discover how closely your dog resembles the cartoon character Droopy Dog. We looked at such traits of Droopy Dog as a wrinkly face, sad eyes, long ears, slow movement, and intelligence. 

While this is meant to be fun, please keep in mind that your dog does not need to be droopy to be amazing!


Mine is adorable, but not a droopy dog. 


How about you?  

Is my dog Droopy

Is your dog a Droopy Dog?

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