21 Best Dog-Focused Hustles: Increase Money

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I often talk about how to save on your dog’s expenses. Well, how about we move from the debit side to the credit side of the accounting sheet? In other words, increases your income, which allows you to decrease your dog expenses. Today, let’s dig in and explore the 21 best dog-focused hustles to increase money. 

a happy dog is enjoying dog-focused hustles with his dog mom
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Budget tip:

Dogs can be expensive. That’s true. However, there are ways to reduce costs. But when we’ve reduced costs as much as possible, yet still want to improve our dog’s over budget, then that’s the time we look for ways to increase the cash flow. Doing so helps to decrease our dog’s expenses. The extra money can be used to pay down vet bills, get extra dog products, or simply spoil our pups a bit, which is also good for our mental well-being. That’s all a major win-win for our dogs and us!

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How do I select the best side hustle for me?

I will always recommend going with your strengths. After all, why do you want a huge learning curve, when your goal is simply to increase your income a bit? If you’re unsure of your strengths, then ask a family member or friend. They will definitely tell you. It’s honestly not that uncommon to be obviously to our own strengths. 

For example, I know I’ve had to ask my friends and family more than once for a list of my strengths. Honestly, I’ve always been surprised at what they say. But when I step back and think for a second, they nail me each time. And that’s the point. Your circle, tribe, or pack will nail you as well. 

Here’s what I mean. If you are good at something, like drawing, baking, writing, cleaning, organizing, crafts, shopping, teaching, or whatever it is, then lean into it. That’s where you will get your best results from your side hustle.

Plus, you won’t dread doing it, which is super important if you want to keep your hustle going for any amount of time.  

Overall for a dog-focused gig to earn extra money, you know you’ll definitely want to be leaning into the dog lover side of you.

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Set an extra money goal

Perhaps you already know how much you need to make with a side hustle. Or maybe you don’t really know it’s just something that’s floating around in your head. Get out a piece of paper or open an Excel or Number spreadsheet and figure out what you really need to make. Then you will know if you need to hustle a lot for many months or just a little for a few months. Moreover, you may just fall in love with your side hustle and continue it after you reach your goal. That’s great! But have some kind of a goal set either way.

For example, if you have a vet bill of $1500 and want it paid off, then that’s your goal. Or maybe you simply want to cover your pet insurance of $30 each month. Then that’s your goal. If you’re like me you need a goal to shoot for otherwise, you’ll just work yourself into the ground. Your goal is what you aim for during your set time period. Anything over that is the cherry or doggie treat on top. 

What sort of dog-focused side hustles are there to consider?

There are a multitude of dog-focused hustles to earn a bit of extra money. These are just a few that don’t take any extra training and you could start rather quickly. 

Keep in mind that for most of these dog-focused side hustles, you will want to invest in being insured and bonded to protect yourself, your client, and the dog. While this may take a chunk of your earnings, it’s well worth it to be protected. It also provides comfort to your clients. Plus, you can often pay these fees monthly, which is a great help. Thus, bump your goal up to include these payments.

Additionally, a great idea is to take a dog or pet first aid class. This will give you more confidence and increase your clients’ comfort in you. Taking a pet first aid class will let dog parents know you’re serious and compassionate. 

1. Dog crafts

If you love doing crafts, then maybe focus on personalized bowls, dog bowties, beds, toys, collars, or whatever your mind dreams up. Keep in mind that you want your expenses low, so try shopping for your supplies on sale at Michaels or even at thrift or yard sales. 

2. Uber dog

If you simply love dogs and being around dogs, then perhaps focus on being an Uber-type driver for dog parents. There are a lot of times when it’s difficult for people to get their dogs to the groomer, vet for annual checkups, or doggie daycare. The idea with this side hustle is that you can take the dog to the appointments for the dog parent or you could take the dog parent and pup. It would be up to you. Just make sure you have a reliable vehicle. Also, you need to make sure that your car insurance will cover such usage. 

3. Dog walker

If you love walking your dog, then you may want to focus your side hustle on being a dog walker. While this could take a bit more effort, if you’re good and reliable, you could have plenty of clients to meet your extra money goal. 

4. Dog sitter

Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to walk dogs, but you would love to be a dog sitter. Many dog parents are looking for a good reliable pet sitter all the time. I know I get asked on a regular basis about pet sitters I know or would recommend. Petting sitting could be a good side hustle for an independent worker to earn extra income.

5. Pooper scooper

While this isn’t such a glamorous side hustle, it’s one that can be easily filled because folks really don’t like picking up their dog’s poop. The great news is that pet waste removal doesn’t generally take much time and you can have several clients. Additionally, you could even offer this along with one of the other side hustles, such as dog walking, pet sitter, or dog washer. 

6. Rent your yard

This is just a cool idea! It’s basically an Airbnb for dog parks. You can sign up with Sniffspot.com. While It may not yield a lot of money, you can get creative. Some dog parents on this platform offer memberships to pet parents who want to visit their yard multiple times in a month. It’s set up so that the area is rented for 1 hour. But if you rent your yard for $5-10 maybe 50x/month, it could add up.

Or if you offered a $20-50/month membership, it could make a larger difference, while you don’t do that much. Plus, you can still easily do other dog-focused side hustles. Some dog parents like to use Sniffspot for dog training. It’s full of opportunities!

7. Wash dogs

Some people either don’t like washing their dogs or it’s difficult for them. This can be an easy hustle if you are able to wash a dog. However, you may need to set boundaries such as no aggressive dogs. 

Additionally, if you can provide a service that a dog parent doesn’t like doing such as trimming nails, then you can expand your reach. Personally, I use this handy little nail grinder, which is quiet and makes the process super quick.

8. Run dog errands

Maybe you don’t want to be dog Uber driver, but you don’t mind running dog errands. This could be going to the pharmacy, pet store, or picking up items at the vet’s office. Or maybe you don’t mind doing a cornucopia of errands for a dog parent in need. 

9. Dog shopping

Do you simply love to shop? If so, you could offer to shop for dog parents. This could include dog gifts for birthdays, new toys, or something out of the ordinary. Think of it as a personal dog shopper. The sky’s the limit! 

10. Dog photos

Perhaps you’re great at taking photos. This is a talent many of us dog parents simply lack but we’d still love to have great shots of our dogs. I know I still struggle to get a great shot of my dog, Henry. You don’t need a big portfolio. Just a few examples of what you can do and recommendations from friends and family will sell your talents. 

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11. Freelance writing about dogs

Maybe you love to write. Then consider freelance writing for a dog magazine, newspaper, or even a dog blog. While it may not pay a lot, if you’re able to write a quality and quantity, then it could be an easy side hustle for you. 

12. Doggie tours 

This is such a great idea! If you live in an area with lots of wonderful dog places, then talk with your chamber of commerce about doing a dog tour each month or as you desire. You will want to make sure that dog parents have their pups leashed and are vaccinated, but it could be a lot of fun! I’d sign Henry and myself up for this one in a minute! 

For example, there’s a ghost tour in my town that takes locals and tourists through the historic district and describes what it was like back in the day. However, for a dog tour, you could tour a dog-friendly river walk, outside botanical garden, or other historic sites, and end up at a dog-friendly cafe or outdoor cafe. I piqued your interest, didn’t I?

Henry waiting for someone to start a doggie tour for one of their dog-focused hustles
Henry would be first in line for a doggie tour!

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13. Dog cook 

I personally know a lot of dog parents who would love to do home-cooked meals for their dogs. But they either don’t have the time or money. If you could price yourself appropriately this would be an amazing opportunity. Of course, you would need to get all the information about what the dog can or can’t eat with vet approval. For instance, you could have a consultation and then drop off a week’s worth of pet food based on the what dog owner described. 

14. Bake doggie treats

There are so many times that dog parents want to celebrate their dogs with something yummy for them but settle for a store-bought treat. You could offer doggie birthday cakes, pupcakes, doggie cookies, and even frozen treats. Of course, you may want to do this by order or on-demand, but it could be an amazing way to share your baking talents. 

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15. Flipping furniture for dogs

Perhaps you love taking something you found at at garage sale or thrift store that’s a bit rough-looking and breathing new life into it. This could be a great opportunity for you to share your talents in creating dog-focused flipped furniture such as feeding stations, beds, organization areas, digging spots, play toys, and more. 

16. Organize doggie items 

If you can look at a pile of stuff and immediately know how to organize it, then you might be great at offering yourself as an organizer for dog owners. Many dog owners get overwhelmed with how to keep their dog toys, food areas, leashes, and cars organized. This could be a terrific opportunity. 

17. Plan dog events

Do you love planning events? Some people are just built to plan events and things. If this is you then you might be great at planning doggie events. Lots of dog parents want to have different kinds of events for their dogs, but they don’t have the time, skill, or desire to do it. So, they settle. You can step into this opportunity and do it for them. It could be a fun opportunity to earn extra cash. 

18. Teach dog owners what you know

Maybe you don’t want to bake or cook dog food or treats, but you wouldn’t mind teaching dog parents how to do it. Personally, I love teaching. This could really be fun! If you have the skills you can share them with willing-to-learn dog parents. 

19. Sell unused dog stuff

As your dog grows up, you’ll notice that crates and other items need to be replaced. Often the equipment isn’t used up, it’s just outgrown or not used any longer. The good thing is that other dog parents will need them. You can easily sell them and make a bit of cash. There are different places you can find to sell your dog items.

One place that may work best is a dog-focused Facebook group or even Facebook Marketplace. Just make sure the items are clean and sterile for the next dog owner. Also, make sure that you’re safe when you go to meet the potential buyer. I recommend a neutral location such as a well-lit parking lot with cameras. Additionally, always try to take a friend with you when you meet the buyer. 

20. Upsell vintage dog items

Do you love garage sales, estate sales, or thrift stores? Then you could find dog-focused items for a great deal that you clean up and resale for a profit. I’ve known several people who have done this successfully. Keep in mind that vintage breed-specific items sporting dogs like Huskies, Pugs, and German Shepherds, to name a few may be easier to sell than a generic dog. Thus, look for out-of-the-ordinary breed items such as a Husky clock or a Pug doorstop. However, you need to have the time to hunt for hidden treasures, which also means you like to shop. 

21. Help other dog parents sell their stuff

This is such a wonderful idea! There are a lot of people who are simply overwhelmed by “stuff” as they clean out an estate house or downsize. I’m currently cleaning out my mom’s house and could certainly use an army of help. 

The idea with this hustle is that you offer to help post items online for sale. Discover, what’s valuable and help take things to donation centers. Of course, you charge an amount for your time and efforts or a percentage of what’s received. 

Honestly, I currently know 3-4 dog folks in this exact situation. That’s not even with much digging. So, I know there’s a big need for this hustle. A lot of people don’t want to use an estate seller for multiple reasons. Thus, you could have a huge opportunity with this side hustle. 

Where do I find clients for my dog-focused side hustle?

There are a few places you could look or ask for assistance. Some are local services. A great idea is to ask to put up a flyer or leave business cards where appropriate. This includes:

  • Vet
  • Groomer
  • Doggie daycare
  • Dog park
  • Local pet store
  • Facebook Group
  • Thread feed
  • Local newspaper
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Shelter
  • Announce on your social media

What else do I need to know about a dog-focused hustle?

Yes, there are a few things you may need to consider. This includes possibly:

  • Bonding and insurance, as mentioned above
  • Business license (your area may require it. Check with your local treasury department)
  • Dog first aid class is a great idea, also mentioned above
  • Written contracts for clients (you will want an attorney to review your contracts)

Also, if you expand your side hustle, then you may want to consider items such as:

  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Email lists
  • Join groups with a similar focus for additional support

Additionally, don’t forget that with any side business in which you plan to earn extra money, you need to have strong communication skills. Your clients will need to know and understand exactly what you are offering and/or how you’re caring for their furry friend.

What’s the best way to spend the money from my dog-focused hustle? 

Of course, you can spend your money any way you like, but if you want your dog-focused side hustle to help your dog, then you may want to consider the following.

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Summary of dog-focused hustles to increase money

A dog-focused side hustle can be a fun way to increase your money thus decreasing your expenses. When you discover your strengths and lean into them, it isn’t such a grind and can be something you really enjoy. This list, while lengthy, certainly isn’t exclusive.

You can brainstorm off this list and your strengths to come up with the perfect dog-focused side hustle for you and your area. It may not generate a huge amount of money, but it will help meet your money goal. That’s the purpose of a side hustle after all. However, if you really drill down into what you really like, then your dog-focused hustles could become more lucrative with more earning potential. That is totally up to you.

a cute husky helps his mom with her dog-focused hustles

Would you like a dog-focused hustle? Is there one here that piques your interest or do you have another one in mind? 

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  1. Great post and you have got me thinking again LOL. As Layla has aged and I cannot leave her alone too long lately I have started dog sitting senior dogs for those parents that want to go away. It is a responsibility but I am loving it as it gets me out of the house more to walk them plus it is company for Layla, a win win situation and something i enjoy doing

    • What a great way to help Layla and you! I bet Layla loves the dog company on her walks or even extra fur company. I absolutely LOVE that you’re doing senior dog pet sitting. Paws up!!!

  2. There is an absolutely amazing range of things you can do to make money. I am side hustle inspired!!! I would never have thought of hiring out our garden!!!

    • There are some fun ones on the list for sure. It can definitely inspire you if you’re at all inclined to the side hustle gig, especially if you want it dog focused (or just furry friend focused). Thanks for your continued support! I greatly appreciate it!

  3. These are such good ideas, all of them! My mind is now spinning with Dog Craft ideas, that would be great for me as I love crafting. I’ve sold a few used dog items on ebay and it worked out so well. My biggest issues is that I have a hard time parting with any of my doggo stuff LOL!!

    • Oh, I need to figure out eBay. That could be a great place for dog parents to sell their goods. I’ve been eyeing Etsy as well. I still need to get to the bottom of those and figure out what’s best for everyone. Although, I thing it will depend on the needs and goals on an individual dog parent. Yes, I don’t like parting with my critter stuff either. Sometimes that’s just a sign you shouldn’t at this moment. So, you find another way to increase your income. It certainly sounds like dog crafts is perfect for you. But honestly, I don’t know where you find all your energy. We need to talk. LOL Thanks again for all your kind words and continued support. I greatly appreciate it!

  4. I LOVE this! So many great ideas here. I write, as you know, and do love it and being able to bring information and stories about dogs, Husky breed, and K9 healthcare to others. And while I love your suggestions of writing (natch), and unique ones like being a dog chef or dog organizer,I absolutely adore your idea of a dog Uber! When my Gibson had his first seizure and I was on the phone with the ER vet, I remember asking them if they had a dog ambulance (which of course the answer was no)…if there was a dog Uber, that would have been so helpful. When an emergency strikes, we are not the best ones to be driving, and many times other people may not want dogs in their car, so this one to me is fabulous! Maybe we will soon see some Doggy Ubers out there! I’d love to do something like myself if my situation was a different. And if there had been a Poop Scooper when I had my house with the FiveSibes, I certainly would have (gladly) paid to hand my scooper over to one! Great ideas as always, Terri! Sharing (and wondering how long until we see a Doggy Uber or Doggy Organizer!)

    • Thanks, Dorothy! You’re absolutely right, a Doggy Uber would be perfect for an emergency vet visit when you’re mind isn’t in the proper space to be driving. I’d use one as well. That really is a great idea and would be a terrific point for someone to use when getting such a side hustle started. I really LOVE that aspect of a Doggy Ubber. Great insights, as always! I really appreciate it!


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