Why Your Brain Needs Dog Self-Talk

dog self talk

Do you talk to yourself? Does it help you figure out problems? The truth is that most people talk to themselves. Shocked? Do you know that there’s a difference between talking to yourself and self-talk? This is when you go from simply having a conversation with yourself to actually working through complex issues. What if … Read more

What Does My Dog’s Bark Mean?

what does dog bark mean

Your dog’s bark has a very specific meaning. Your job is to understand it. Sounds like a translator is needed, right? Maybe not. Is your dog barking? Is this one of the rare quiet moments? Are you wondering what he’s trying to say with all the barking? Would you like to know what your dog’s … Read more

Dog Goals – Yep, You Want Them

dog goals

Dog goals make life with your dog even better. But, I know you’re thinking what are dog goals. My dog doesn’t have any goals besides eating, going for a walk, and getting his belly rubbed. Well, this is about you. What are your goals for you and your dog? Did you set any before you got … Read more

6 Hidden Dog Park Etiquette and Unwritten Rules

dog park unwritten rules

Do you know about dog park etiquette and unwritten rules? Don’t worry if you don’t. Most dog parents don’t know about them all. I know you’re probably thinking, life is full of rules. While I think some are meant to be broken, other rules are very needed. And yes, there are unwritten rules of the … Read more

10 Steps to Find the Best Vet

Ways to find the best for your dog

How do you find the best vet? It can be overwhelming and confusing. A great veterinarian is critical in your dog’s (and all pets’) care. Every pet and pet owner deserves to have their own best vet. While there are a ton of veterinarians, there are also a ton of veterinarians’ philosophies (I’ll explain this … Read more