Great Dog Lover Gifts With Amazing Bonuses!

cute puppy plays with gift ribbon

Are you like me and love giving gifts that fit the person perfectly? While I don’t really enjoy shopping, I do get a charge from finding a great gift. Or rather the perfect gift that matches the person’s personality. With this in mind, today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and dive into … Read more

Is Chamomile for Dogs Any Good?

A cute dog in a field of chamomile flowers.

Do you like chamomile tea? I have to admit that it’s a tea that I’ve grown to enjoy as I’ve grown wiser. Have you seen a lot of dog products with chamomile? It came across my path for my dog, Henry a few years ago when he was taking a training class. His instructor suggested … Read more

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Dog’s Immunity

a girl is happy with her dog's immunity health

Are you worried about your dog’s health? Okay, so maybe you’re not really fretting over you’re pup’s health but you wouldn’t mind improving his/her immunity either. Hey, that’s something almost everyone could use. That includes our furry friends. I know I’m always thinking about how to help improve my dog, Henry’s health effectively while still … Read more