The Keys To An Aggressive Dog

aggressive dog barks

An aggressive dog has a reason for the behavior, find the trigger and you just might unlock your dog. Sure friendly dogs are fun and easy dogs. But what if you have a dog who’s not so friendly? What if your dog is aggressive? Is your dog an angry dog?  Let’s look at this a … Read more

Have You Yelled at Your Dog?

don't yell at dog

Yelling at your dog hurts your pooch. Did you know that? I know we’ve all done it. That split moment where you lose your ever-loving mind and then regret it. Perhaps you walked in the door after a long day to find your new shoes shredded and your dog sitting in the remains looking rather … Read more

How to Find the Best Dog Groomer

find the right groomer

Having the best dog groomer is key to a peaceful dog grooming day. You have to trust your dog groomer to handle your dog (perhaps even a new to you dog) properly and you have to trust that your groomer will cut your dog’s fur as you’ve instructed. We’ve all seen the horror pictures and … Read more

Steps To Build A New Dog Budget

pup is excited to have his pet parents build a dog budget

Do you know that creating a dog budget is very important? It tells you what your dog costs and where you are spending your money on your dog. It also allows you to easily see where you can cut your dog costs when you need to tighten your budget. Additionally, and equally important, creating a … Read more