Best DIY Gifts For Dog Parents

happy puppy sits among the best DIY gifts for dog parents

I have to admit I love homemade gifts! I love making them, giving them, and receiving them. There’s a process to finding the right gift for the right person. DIY gifts for dog parents or anyone for that matter, always says to me it’s a very thoughtful gift. Even more than that someone put extra … Read more

Creative Ways To Cut Dog Expenses. Easy! 

woman looks lovingly at dog over computers as they work on dog budget happy to cut dog expenses

It seems like the costs of everything, including everything dog is going up? Are you experiencing the same thing? It can be defeating at times when your income stays the same or maybe even decreases. Are you looking for ways to cut dog expenses? I’ve discovered that our shelters are starting to overflow again. There … Read more

Easy Dog Yard Digging Solutions

dog yard digging is one of this little dog's specialities

Do you have a dog you swear is part gopher? Maybe you have a beautiful yard, and your dog is determined to dig to the center of the earth. Perhaps you’ve even encouraged the digging at first and now you don’t know how to curtail the activity? Or maybe you think your dog enjoys digging … Read more