10 Signs You Need A New Dog Park

a happy pup is excited to find a new dog park

Does your dog love your neighborhood park? I know, my dog, Henry loves the dog park. He loves the different sniffs, dogs, and people. But maybe you get an uncomfortable feeling at the dog park. I’ve definitely been in that spot. Wonder if it’s time to look for a new dog park. Perhaps it’s time … Read more

A Simple Dog Walk Cuts Vet Costs. How?

dog mom has learned that a dog walk cuts vet costs

The photo above is courtesy of Chris Boland. To find more of Chris’ brilliant work or hire Chris check out www.chrisboland.com. Who doesn’t love an easy way to improve their dog’s health while cutting their expenses? I imagine if you’re here you’re paws up for this topic. I especially love the easy everyday ones that … Read more

Does Cleaning My Dog’s Ears Save Money?

simple way that clean your dog's ears saves money

Are you like and always searching for ways to save on your dog costs, while providing your pup high-quality care? Sometimes I’m amazed at how little things can make a big difference. Today, let’s dig into how cleaning your dog’s ears can save you money while keeping your pup healthy. Budget tip: The great part … Read more