Dog Won’t Take Pills? Easy Solutions Revealed!

a dog mom is happy she's learned the trick when her dog won't take pills

Do you have a stubborn dog that simply can’t be tricked into taking pills? I was recently asked for ideas to help get a dog to simply eat a tablet. The dog needed these antibiotics for an infection but refused to be tricked. Does this sound familiar? Today, I’m going to reveal my box of … Read more

8 Awesome Reasons Your Dog Needs Water

a woman share water with her husky because she knows it's important for when a dog needs water.

Water is something that seems obvious but it can easily be overlooked as beneficial for our dogs. It’s an essential part of living for all beings, including our dogs. I know I’m always monitoring, my dog, Henry’s water consumption. Are you the same way? Or do you just fill up the bowl when it’s empty? … Read more

6 Great Veterinarian Budget Benefits

a happy dog mom relaxes with her dog after discovering veterinarian budget benefits can reduce her dog costs

I know you’re thinking how on earth does a veterinarian help my budget, right? Well, when you have a great vet and medical team for your dog, it can make all the difference. I know you’re doubting me. After all, veterinary medicine expense is generally the biggest chunk of your dog’s budget. But it’s true! … Read more