10 Easy Ways To Tell Your Dog Happy Valentines Day

happy valentines dog

Awe, Valentine’s Day. The day people either belittle or exalt. How about we stop looking at it from our standpoint and focus on our dogs? More specifically, how do you say Happy Valentines Day to your dog? Is there a way to do it express it in a way your dog will understand? Is your … Read more

6 Easy Dog Winter Activities

happy dog enjoy dog winter activities

Would you rather snuggle up inside in the winter than be outside having to exercise your dog stimulated? There are days I shudder at going out into the cold and wish my dog, Henry, and I could hibernate until Spring. Although that does sound like a great idea, it’s not practical. So, what are some … Read more

Your dog needs an alternative to sage-smudging

a relaxed st. bernard knows his dog parents have a safe dog friendly alternative to sage

Do you like to burn sage to make your home feel better? But does it hurt your dog and other pets? It’s a question I’ve asked myself and went digging for answers. While there are many times that it may be nice to “clear” or “reset” energy, as responsible pet parents, we also want to … Read more