Dog Goals – Yep, You Want Them

dog goals

Dog goals make life with your dog even better. But, I know you’re thinking what are dog goals. My dog doesn’t have any goals besides eating, going for a walk, and getting his belly rubbed. Well, this is about you. What are your goals for you and your dog? Did you set any before you got … Read more

10 Copies of Your Dog’s Vaccine Records?

doggie vaccine records

A dog’s vaccine records need to be kept safe with copies. Why? You might even be wondering if your dog’s medical or dog’s vaccine records are covered by the same HIPPA rights that protect you. Unfortunately, your furry, dog family member is, in the eyes of the law consider “property” and is not afforded the … Read more

4 Ways to Find Your New Dog

finding your future dog

Finding a dog can be a stressful undertaking. But it doesn’t need to be when you create your dog criteria. Let’s focus on simple ways to find your new dog. Honestly, where you look for your new dog will be a bit different, depending on whether you are looking for a dog from a breeder or a … Read more

6 Things To Do Before You Get Your Dog

what to know before you get your dog

What you need to know before get your dog is important. That seems like a loaded statement, right? I mean how do you know what you don’t know? I admit that can bit tricky without some guidance. Today let’s dig into building your dog criteria list, which will help tremendously in your search for the … Read more