20 Ultimate Best Tips For New Dog Parents

tips for new dog parents

Dogs are a great addition to a family. But trying to learn everything you need to know as a new dog parent can be a bit daunting. Especially if you’ve never been a dog owner. Like with anything in life, it helps to do a little research. Otherwise, we end up learning from our mistakes. … Read more

How A Dog Who Doesn’t Like Toys Plays!

dog won't play with toys

It seems like a natural thing for a dog to play with dog toys. But like most things in life, there are always exceptions. Are you confused because you have a dog who doesn’t like toys? I was. Admittedly, I was perplexed at first by my rescue dog, Henry’s dislike for dog toys. Moreover, I … Read more

Quiz Fun: Do You Know Your Dog’s Needs?

deep dog thoughts

Do you know your dog’s needs if you were deserted on a tropical island with your dog? What would your dog think or do? Sometimes it’s fun to explore the other side of the coin. Have you ever thought about how your dog feels about different things or situations? Do you think your dog is … Read more

Great Alternative to Sage-Smudging For Dogs

a relaxed st. bernard knows his dog parents have a safe dog friendly alternative to sage

Do you like to burn sage to make your home feel better? But does it hurt your dog and other pets? It’s a question I’ve asked myself and went digging for answers for my dog, Henry. While there are many times that it may be nice to “clear” or “reset” energy, as responsible pet parents, … Read more

Quiz Fun: Companion Dog Master Benefits

companion dog quiz

Mastering the health benefits of your companion dog is easy to recognize with this simple quiz. Are you aware of the health benefits your dog can provide you on a daily basis? In this fun quiz, you can see the ways in which your dog can help improve your everyday health. Ready, Set, Go! Companion … Read more

Is Meditation With Dogs Good For People?

The benefits of meditation with dogs are plentiful. They not only benefit the dog parent, but also the dog. You might be thinking this sounds a bit nutty. But just hold on a minute. Have you heard or experienced the benefits of meditation by itself? Do you know meditation benefits are so positive that many … Read more

Is Your Dog Colorblind? 5 Min. Test.

dog is colorblind

Is your dog colorblind? That’s a fair question. I mean why would he be attracted to the most oddly colored or decorated toys? Maybe it’s the shape, smell, or noise. I have to admit, I have wondered this myself on occasion. Today, let’s dig in and discover if your dog really is colorblind. I used … Read more

A Dog Friendly Backyard on a Budget

girl holds a yorki puppy in a dog friendly backyard

Are you dreaming of a champagne dog friendly backyard on a beer budget? Maybe your yard is covered with dog toys, holes your dog has dug, and generally not fit for the cover of any magazine. Thus, you just are dreaming of not being embarrassed by your yard. I know sometimes we let our dogs … Read more